Friday, July 1, 2022

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Getting a New Pet

White puppy and white kitten playing - Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Getting a new pet is a great occasion for any person, couple, or family. Cats and dogs especially are excellent companions that provide comfort. But here are some things to be aware of.

Not Checking the Breeder's Reputation

The pet industry is massive in certain countries like the USA and the UK. Unfortunately, many criminal breeders will take advantage of this and use their animals on breeding farms. As a result, pup after pup and kitten and kitten are churned out, causing severe physical and mental harm to the parents. And leaving many of the babies with issues because they can't get enough nutrition after birth. For your own conscience alone, check the credentials of people offering puppies for sale or other exotic animals at suspiciously low prices and quicker than usual.

Failing to Get a DNA Test

The rise of fashionable pets like Cockapoos, Persian cats, and exotic African Grey parrots means some breeders will use lesser breeds to make their babies look like these. Then they will sell sub-standard cross-breeds to unsuspecting customers. You could then find your Cockapoo ends up being as large as a German Shepherd instead of a medium-sized lapdog. If you are going to part with a substantial amount of cash, then insist on your own DNA testing for the animals. Any reputable breed won't mind you doing this and will even encourage it.

Consider the Cost of Getting a New Pet

It's possible to get a loving pet for free or very cheap. However, food and accessories aren't free. Also, depending on the breed, you may or may not need to have a pet groomed. But if you do, this can cost upwards of $10,000 per year. And some animals need specialized diets to live a healthy life. So always consider the cost of getting a new pet in addition to what you are going to pay a breeder for a particular animal. Otherwise, you might have to make the heartbreaking decision to sell your pet. Or worse, you can't provide the adequate care it needs.

Not Researching the Needs of the Breed

There are many breeds of almost every animal. And the most popular pets are no different. Dogs, cats, and even bunnies have other requirements depending on their species. For instance, large dogs typically need far more exercise in an open space than toy dogs like Yorkies. And some cats need a special diet. For example, Siamese cats need a unique kibble that helps them to eat their food slower than other cats because they regurgitate. They also need a diet high in protein and L-carnitine to maintain their sleek and lean shape.

Thinking It Will be Fine if Left Alone

It's really unfair to get a new animal if you aren't going to be there to help it transition to a new home. This is especially true of kittens and puppies that are conscious of their surroundings and people. However, smaller mammals like rabbits and rats also require some attention, as do exotics like parrots. These are all highly intelligent animals, and they know where they are and when they are alone. Therefore, they require a lot of social interaction to thrive. If you can't be with your new pet for at least two weeks, then reconsider getting them until you can.


There are some mistakes you can make when getting a new pet. Some of these include buying from a bad breeder, not considering the costs, and not knowing the needs of the animal.


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