Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Garden maintenance is considered fun by some homeowners. However, not everyone enjoys it. 

If you are among those that do not enjoy garden maintenance, yet do it because you enjoy a beautiful looking outside space, then here are some tips to help reduce your garden maintenance and still maintain great results.

Protect your equipment

It is common to leave equipment lying around in the garden, or outside in a shed. Either way, the equipment can easily become rusty or damaged due to the weather. 

For example, you might leave game equipment outside for easy access. Yet, a storm could occur and damage it, which can result in a long repair job or spending more money. To reduce garden maintenance and keep your equipment in its best condition, it can help to protect it with the right bags and covers. You can find out more about how to store your game equipment the right way, such as cornhole boards, at

Add shelters

Shelters in the garden are useful for many reasons. They can help to shade people when sitting outside, which can protect people from strong sun rays or rain. Plus, a shelter can help to maximize the condition and life of your wildlife. 

For instance, adding a shelter over plants can ensure that they receive optimal sunlight - not too much and not too little. It will help to control the light levels that come into your garden, which can sometimes damage the condition of grass and plants. Hence, wildlife can flourish and not be burdened by the weather.

Fake grass

Speaking of grass, if you are someone who dislikes trimming it, then have you ever considered getting fake grass? This mimics the natural look and feel of real grass but requires no maintenance. 

This means you can still enjoy a beautiful green garden without the regular upkeep.

Use stones for edging

Another tip for grass and low garden maintenance is to use stones for edging. This will prevent weeds and ensure to keep the moisture in, which comes from rainfall or watering. 

Should you wish to keep real grass, then using stones will help to improve the appearance of your garden and the grass as well as reduce weed picking. Sometimes picking weeds is the reason why people fall out of love with gardening. Hence, if you can prevent weeds, then you won’t need to perform this dull job.

Choose low-maintenance plants

If you are someone who enjoys looking at plants in the garden but doesn’t enjoy (or isn’t good at) maintenance, then it can help to choose low-maintenance plants. This will mean that they will require minimal care yet still flourish. 

Doing your research on plants that can last in most/all weathers can ensure that you can perform minimal maintenance yet enjoy their beauty all year round. Likewise, researching the amount of sunlight they need will ensure that you plant them in the optimal spot in the garden. 


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