Friday, March 11, 2022

Improving Your Website User Experience

A business website is much more than just something that is nice to have; it is a point of sale, a place for all of the information about your company, and part of your marketing and sales strategy. 

A website that is difficult to use, isn’t intuitive, and hasn’t been created by professionals like WebX360 might mean you are missing out on sales - and turning those hot leads cold. 

UX or user experience is something that you have the ability to perfect over time. In doing so, you are likely to see an increase in conversions, newsletter signups, and any other KPIs you have in place. 

So what should you be looking at to ensure that your website offers the best in terms of user experience?

Embrace the white space

It is all too common for companies to want to fill up every inch of their website real estate - after all, you want to maximize your investment in this area. But for every company that insists on filling up every inch of space, thousands of people complain that there is too much on there. 

White space is the rest between the information, the space to process, and keeps your website feeling fresh and modern. 

Page Speed

Slow website loading speed almost guarantees that people will leave your website. We don’t mind waiting for coffee in the shop or delivery for most things. But the internet should be instant, and we should have the information immediately. 

If you want fast insight into your website speed, you can check out Google Page Speed, and it will check your desktop and mobile site. As well as give you actionable tips to make your website perform better. 

Hyperlink Differentiation

If you want to encourage users to check our products or read further information, it is better to make sure your hyperlinks are a different color. The differentiation will draw the attention of the user and increase the likelihood of it being clicked. 

And when you do add in hyperlinks, the longer the link title, the better - but not too long. A single word grabs less attention than a few words. 


The images you use have a huge impact on your readers. Some studies show that stock photography can make a user less likely to trust a brand. However, when they use branded photos or photos obviously created for that company, they are more trusting. 

Stock photos are useful and can fill a gap, but the most popular stock photos are used on thousands of websites and can feel too generic. Your images should create a connection between the user and the brand. 


Twenty-five different fonts - because they look cool, nine different shades of blue, and design changes between all of the pages are a recipe for disaster. Consistency across your website gives the user a clean and enjoyable experience. 

As an example, imagine if they clicked a hyperlink and were taken to a page with a totally different layout. The user might question if they are in the right place, or they may even assume the link has malware and take them to somewhere dangerous. 

Keep your website design and feel consistent. 

Making sure your website is performing well is just one of the things you can do to increase your profit, and here are some more: 3 Tips For Improving Your Business' Profit


  1. Great advice, especially the white space. Too many websites are way too busy.

  2. So many great ideas for improving your user's experience while on your website. Many years ago people felt their website had to be all cluttery so some still feel that white space was wrong. I love that you brought this up.

  3. Web design is really important, I often click away if there is too much stuff on a page because it feels so overwhelming.

  4. This is such an informative post! I've been trying to take more of my own photos because I totally agree with that photo tip!

  5. These are all really great advice this si such a really informative post thanks for sharing this with us

  6. Great tips! I agree with the white space. Less is more, so to speak. -LYNNDEE

  7. This are so useful tips!After these I will improve it for sure!


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