Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Not everyone is born with party genes. We are not born automatically with the talent to throw extraordinary parties at the drop of a hat. However, what's important to remember is that this party isn't for you. It doesn't matter if you're not fond of big parties as long as the bride is. You are tasked to throw a party for her and not for yourself. Forget your misgivings about having a grand party or an intimate one. It's the bride's last hurrah, as they say. Make it worth their time.

Decide on the Location, Theme, and Date

First things first. Decide on when it will be, where it will be, and what theme it will be. You know the bride well enough to be the one to throw this party for her. Make sure that it will be something that she wants to spend time on. Are you going to surprise her, or will you let her know about the plans? If a surprise party is improbable, then make sure the bride agrees to the date and time. It doesn't matter if other of her friends can't make it. What matters is her schedule permits it.

Are you going to have a three-day party or just a night of revelry? Make sure the bride knows she will be away for a couple of days if that's your plan. Remember that brides have a lot on their plates. If you're sure she can be gone for a weekend, then throw that weekend party for her.

Think Outside the Box

Forget about a nice dinner or a spa date. Those are boring bridal parties (unless, of course, that's what the bride wants). If the bride wants a big party, you can rent a vacation home or hire a superyacht boat. There's nothing like partying in the middle of the sea. Just make sure everyone follows safety precautions to avoid incidents. Also, hire some lifeguards and put everyone's safety a priority.

If budget is not a problem, should you hire her favorite band? Can you rent a mobile bar and drink to your heart's content? You can ask other members of the bride's party to chip in so that you don't have to shoulder the whole expense of hosting the party.

Plan It Weeks in Advance

You can't throw a good party in a week, much fewer days. Make sure that you think about this plan weeks before. That allows everyone in the bride's circle to cross off that date and be there. The more people can attend the party, the merrier, right? Also, you don't want the bride's last party as a single woman to be so close to her wedding. It cannot be the night before because she will look swollen and puffy if she drinks too much alcohol.

At the very least, plan it two weeks before her big day. That gives the bride enough time to recuperate. She can have her skin glowing again.

Go Easy on the Activities

Don't feel like you have to pack the night with tons of activities. This is not a tour or a trip. This is a party, so let everyone mingle and talk. You can have a jukebox and have everyone take a spin of being the DJ for the night. Activities can be exhausting to think about and execute. Do not waste your time planning a program for the bride. At the very least, all you need to do is play a couple of games. As soon as the alcohol kicks in, partying is not a problem anymore.

Be All Out on Food and Drinks

Parties are all about the food and drinks you serve. Don't stress out too much about the food you want to serve. It helps to have a theme for the food such as the Mediterranean, American comfort food, Asian, and the likes. However, it is also okay to throw in all of the brides' favorites or everything that everyone will love. Lately, grazing tables were such a hit, so make sure you have one of these.

A cocktail bar might be the most important part of the food and drinks section of party planning. You can serve vodka, tequila, and wine. Try to avoid beers because they'll make everyone feel bloated fast.

Planning a party for your BFF doesn't have to be stressful. You know her better than anyone else. This party is for her. So, as long as she enjoys it, nothing else matters.


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