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One of the main goals I have in life is to stay healthy. I have written several posts about my struggle with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. I have been diagnosed with this chronic illness 18 years ago and it has not been easy. Every morning, I have to use my glucometer to check my blood sugar levels. I need to take so many pills and inject myself with 18 units of insulin. I am so used to pricking my finger and sticking the needle of an insulin pen into my belly everyday. 

Despite all these, I am thankful that my blood sugar levels is controlled and within "acceptable results." I follow my doctor's advice of regular exercise, having six small meals a day, and strict compliance to my medication. Aside from these, I make sure that I do take supplements.

Why take supplements?

Dietary supplements are necessary to ensure that we meet the minimum daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and other compounds that are essential to keep our bodies functioning properly. You may wonder why take supplements when you can get the stuff you need from the food you eat. It does not work that way every time. Let's just say you need to increase your Vitamin C intake to 1000 mg. How many oranges do you need to eat to achieve that? Two kilograms. Yes, you read that right. 

What kind of supplements to take?

I have recently discovered a brand of dietary supplements in a chewable gummy bear form. Vitabears Chewable Vitamins are the best ones in the market. For those who know me by heart, it is not often that I recommend products, but when I do, it is because I believe in its authenticity and the benefits I have gained from these products. Vitamins and supplements in chewable form increase my compliance in taking them daily. They are delicious and fun to take. Placing the bottles beside my medicine dispenser is a good reminder for me to reach out and take them daily.

The products I chose are Detox Vitamins, Fat Buster, Flawless Glow and Skin Vitamins. There are other vitamin preparations available but I believe these 4 are what I need right now. Here are my reasons why I chose these four:

1. Vitabears Chewable Detox Vitamins

I wanted something to help rid my body of toxins and to improve gut health. This Detox Vitamins contain acetic acid from apple cider vinegar. It has been known that apple cider vinegar is good for our health because it helps keep the balance between good and bad bacteria in our gut. It aids digestion and promotes weight loss too. This supplement also provides beet root extract which is rich in folate, a key nutrient that helps keep our cardiovascular system healthy. The third ingredient is Pomegranate extract which helps reduce inflammation and aids to achieve gut health too. 

                                        Gut health - ✔
                                        Cardiovascular health - ✔

2. Vitabears Chewable Skin Vitamins

I have always been prone to having dry skin and hair. I believe that addressing this issue should come from within. Topical remedies are only temporary. Proper nutrition and adequate hydration plus supplements are the key to achieving this. Vitabears Skin Vitamins is packed with vitamins B, C, D and E and other key nutrients plus vegan collagen and glutathione, all working together to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. No premature aging for me now and good-bye age spots! 

                                        Helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - ✔
                                        Support joint and digestive health - ✔
                                        Helps reduce free radicals - ✔

3. Vitabears Chewable Flawless Glow Vitamins

I was hesitant at first to get to get this variant of Vitabears. I thought that I already have the vitamins for the skin, so I was thinking that this would just be the same. In a way, yes, it is quite similar but the difference is that this Flawless Glow vitamin supplement has Biotin and Magnesium. Biotin (Vitamin B7)  boosts the production of keratin and stimulates hair follicle growth. Magnesium has evidence based positive effects on our health such as anti inflammatory effects, lowering of blood pressure, helps in the management of Type 2 Diabetes (Yay!) and fights depression (second Yay!) I did not think twice and started taking these supplements daily. 

                                        Helps promote healthy hair and scalp - ✔
                                        Helps increase hair follicle growth - ✔
                                        Promotes healthy skin and shiny, lustrous hair - ✔
                                        Aids in proper management of Type 2 Diabetes - ✔
                                        Fights depression - ✔

4. Vitabears Chewable Fat Buster

Here's the truth. I am not fat. For my small 5'2" frame, I weigh 53 kilograms (116 pounds). Still within the normal range. So why did I opt to get a supplement that would make me lose weight? My reason is this - I want to maintain my current weight. Being diabetic, I have to be careful not to be overweight or else other health problems may arise. I have to admit there are days when I binge eat and I know that is not healthy at all. I sometimes cannot resist indulging in sweets and that is not good. This Vitabears Fat Buster contains essential vitamins, minerals, Garcinia cambogia, L-Carnitine and Green coffee extracts. The last three ingredients work primarily to help reduce fat, increase release of serotonin (makes you feel full) and increases metabolism. To be honest, I am a label reader and I thoroughly check the nutrition/supplement facts first. With this Vitabears Fat Burner supplement, I will have to ask my endocrinologist for advice to make sure that this would not have any adverse reaction with the medications I am taking for my Diabetes and Hypercholesterolemia.

                                        Helps suppress appetite - ✔
                                        Increases metabolism and gives you more energy - ✔
                                        Fat reduction - ✔
                                        Aids in digestion -  ✔


Vitabears chewable supplements are a great way to help you enjoy taking your vitamins. They are organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan friendly, with no artificial sweeteners. Manufactured in South Korea and exclusively distributed by Defyr Media Solutions. 

Of these four variants, my favorites are the Skin Vitamins and the Flawless Glow. I am not one that would spend hours on a skin care routine, so the best way for me is to boost skin health from within. Achieving healthy hair and skin in an effortless way! 

I have been taking these vitamins for 5 days and I am waiting to see more positive results. Right now, I feel I have more energy to get me through my busy days. I will update this post after a month and let you know how these vitamins worked for me. 

If can no longer wait for my update and you'd want to start right away on your journey to good health, you can purchase these Vitabears products from authorized sellers on the Shopee or Lazada app. You may also view more products on the Vitabears official website -

Note: The above mentioned products are dietary supplements with no therapeutic claims. Pregnant or nursing women, and those taking medication would need to consult a doctor before use.


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