Tuesday, August 24, 2021


When we visit a destination on vacation, it’s not unusual to find our hearts stolen by picturesque streets, blazing sun, and a lifestyle entirely different from our own. Sometimes, this love fades with the post-vacation blues but, in some instances, it grows into a potentially life changing question – do you love that destination enough to move there?

Locations that we return to time and again are especially likely to hold our attention in this sense but, before you start viewing properties and book a cross-country moving company like North American Van Lines to make that dream a reality, you’re going to want to remove the rose-tinted glasses of tourism. After all, living in a place is very different from visiting, and to avoid disappointment when you realize that, it’s always worth taking the following precautionary pre-move measures.

Take time off the tourist route

Every country wants tourists to see its best, meaning that typically touristy areas tend to be the best kept and most modern. In tourist-heavy countries, this can have the downside of leading to neglect in residential areas but, even if this isn’t the case, the chances are that you’ve only seen a tailored snapshot of the country before now. As such, the best step towards removing your tourist overview is to take a less popular route by exploring areas that you’d never think to go as a tourist, and trying out towns, restaurants, etc. that the local residents actually use

Find out what real life looks like

Few of us think about the job market when we take a road trip around a destination like Montreal, and house prices are the last things on our minds when we marvel at Barcelona. It’s this real life removal that often makes these destinations so appealing, which is why you should also consider real practicalities before any move of this nature. It’s especially worth taking the time to understand job and housing markets, as well as things like cost of living that will, once and for all, give you a taste of what you can actually expect from life here. 

Spend a little longer

It’s also essential to spend at least one long period pre-move in your chosen location. It might be that you can temporarily move for a month to give things a go, or even just that you’re able to spend two weeks instead of a weekend. Either way, this provides the perfect opportunity to do everyday things like food shopping, laundry, etc., and even gives you a chance to meet the locals. After all of that, you’ll be way better poised to realistically imagine your new life there, and whether it’s right for you.

We get it – going on an amazing vacation can make anyone want to leave their old life behind. You might even be one of the lucky ones who makes doing so work for them. Just make sure of it by taking these precautionary pointers before jumping into an ill-informed move to a location that, in reality, you barely know at all. 


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