Saturday, June 26, 2021

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Being financially disciplined can be a tall order. Many people find it hard to be thoughtful with their expenditure and direct their finances to the things that truly matter.

If you can identify with the struggles of being more disciplined with your finances, you are hardly alone in your battle. Well, here are a few practical steps you can take to change your financial situation today.

Set a Goal

Having a reason to change your financial habits makes the process much easier. So, before you embark on reforming your financial practices, take some time to consider why you want to change in the first place.

Do you want to create a nest egg that you can fall back on when things get rough? Are you saving towards your kid’s college education? Would you like to afford the house of your dreams? By setting the goal, you will provide yourself with immense motivation to stick to your resolution. 

You can also create reminders of your dream on sticky notes and put them around the house and in your car. Every time you look at them, you will feel encouraged to continue in your quest for developing better financial habits. 

Make the Most of Automation

If you often struggle with personal finance management, consider using financial automation services. Automation ensures that as soon as the money hits your bank account, it is deflected to predetermined purposes.

For instance, you can have the bank automatically deposit money to your savings account before you even touch it. This gives you no chance to conceptualize the cash as yours, making it much easier to dedicate it to serve the goal you had set.

Rethink Your Financial Choices

Sometimes, the things that hold you back the most from achieving your financial goals are your choices. For example, if you often buy things on impulse, you probably waste a lot of money and jeopardize your chances of attaining your goals.

Start by replacing your credit cards with your debit cards. With a virtual debit card, you will not incur any debt or have to pay high interest rates. Additionally, seeing your bank balance diminish every day is enough motivation to rethink your purchases.

Consider also implementing the 24-hour rule before buying an expensive item. You could also commit to eating out less and buying fewer clothes. All of these changes can go a long way in making you more disciplined. 

Find Support

If financial discipline seems too taxing for you, consider leaning into your support system. You can ask a spouse or sibling to help you become more disciplined.

Your partner can hold you accountable to ensure that you are always on track to achieve your goals. Additionally, they can help you stay focused when you are about to make a poor financial decision. With their help, you will be better able to clear any obstacles on your path to financial success.

No doubt, becoming financially disciplined takes a lot of determination and self-control. However, you can use a few tools to make the task more manageable.

For instance, you can start by determining why you want to become more financially responsible. Secondly, you can use automation tools to help you manage your finances better. Finally, your support system can help you attain your goals. 

Follow these tips, and you will see a considerable change in your financial life. 


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  1. Thanks for your post. A a rule of thumb I spend less than I earn. I simply don't live above my means.


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