Thursday, May 27, 2021

Why Gardening Improves Your Property

Your garden plays a vital role in the appearance as well as function of your property. Tending to it, from cutting the lawn and taking out weeds to fertilizing it, have beneficial effects on your well-being. But the importance of gardening doesn't stop with these favorable results. When you plan what goes into your garden, this spot of greenery can improve how you live in your home as well as raise its value in the real estate market.

A Manageable Home Improvement Project 

Garden improvement may not be an obvious project when you're planning to upgrade your home. Whether you intend to place the property back on the market, smart gardening can count as a practical project. You don't have to worry about construction activities disrupting your routine. You don't have to be confronted by surprises like outdated electrical wiring or foundational cracks that require expensive repairs.

The extent of problems you may encounter when improving your garden will depend on the size of your lawn - and your plans for its enhancement. But the issues aren't likely going to be as pricey as an interior home improvement plagued by common construction nightmares.

How exactly will garden improvement improve your property?

It can serve as pest control 

Some pests don't appreciate certain plants; they're repelled by it. So an alternative to using sprays and devices targeting these pests, try this mosquito control strategy: plant.

What do you plant?

Add the following to your garden:

  • Marigolds - they release a scent that turns off mosquitoes
  • Floss flower - it has a chemical called coumarin that repels the pest; but keep it away from pets and kids because ingesting it can be toxic.
  • Citronella grass - a popular option to keeping these pests away from your home
  • Herbs - rosemary's woody scent and basil's pungent smell repel mosquitoes; mint also acts a natural mosquito repellant.

Most of these plants can keep away other pests, like flies, ants, squash bugs and others that may destroy your garden.

Enhance your privacy

You can design your garden to prevent prying eyes from looking into your yard. If you enjoy quiet time or prefer to be in solitude, adding a high wall isn't the only option. Improve your privacy by:

  • Going with hedges as garden boundaries; deciduous trees can also function as boundaries
  • Planting climbers like ivy to create a private area with a romantic atmosphere
  • Using a trellis for other climbing plants
  • Installing a water feature for ambient noise; choose one that's low maintenance
  • Trying bamboo fencing instead of a wall as a garden screen

Low maintenance plants and trees can be a selling point

A low maintenance garden that looks just as charming as any will add value to your property; it may even be a selling point for some buyers because no one wants to spend too much time looking after a yard. It's not just expensive, but it's also taking away time from one's self or family.

Some low maintenance plants to consider are: peonies, hydrangeas, hardy geranium, fescue and thorn-less honey locust tree.

The right trees can help manage the cost of ownership

Trees not only look appealing in any garden. They also improve the air quality, add privacy and provide shade. When you plant them in strategic areas around your garden, they can also help you manage energy bills.

When considering which tree to plant, think about:

  • Maintenance, if you have to keep sweeping the yard for seapods, fruits and the like
  • Maturity, if its growth over the years could mean problems for your roof or power lines
  • Property space, will the tree's growth affect your neighbor's yard with litter or obstruct views
  • Deciduous or evergreen, the former is lush during winter whereas the latter has striking foliage during fall
  • Environmental conditions, will your chosen tree thrive in your location

The addition of a deck or patio extends your living space

Finally, when your indoor space feels a bit cramped, extend it to the outdoor space. A well-constructed patio or deck doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to be planned right for your lifestyle. Do you entertain friends frequently? Do you kick back and relax after a day at work? Or do you enjoy time alone?

How your outdoor space is designed and what it will contain in terms of furniture and accessories will depend on your goals for it.

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