Monday, May 10, 2021

Aside from home upgrades, there are plenty of ways to increase property value and desirability. One of them is the accessibility to various amenities within a community. Amenities have two types: tangible, which includes gyms, parks, and pools, or intangible, such as low crime rate, leisure activities, pleasant views, public transport.

A community with complete amenities is considered a huge "plus" in the real estate market. If you have a child, you likely prefer living in a child-friendly community where they can freely roam and play. It also reduces the travel time to access public facilities, such as going to school and supermarkets.

Companies that offer professional open space structure services help homeowner associations (HOA) create a cleaner and stronger HOA community. For example, Landmark Products Pty Ltd offers park shelter construction services and landscape solutions for urban design projects. They help in building public infrastructure in communities, schools, councils, and private enterprises.

Since amenities are among the determining factors to increase property value, it's important to consider which neighborhood amenities are the most important to improve the value of your home. Here are some of the must-have amenities that can be great assets for your property:


Parks are very important in enhancing the economy and spirit of a community. They also serve as playscapes for children to bond with community members. Most communities have green spaces and open amenities featuring grass areas and playgrounds where people of all ages can run, play sports, or just simply hang out. Other parks have community gardens, exercise equipment, and dog park.

Playground parks are great amenities for families with small children. Children get easily bored around the house, and parks make an ideal place to become active and develop children's social skills. During the summer, HOAs organize mini parties and concerts to gather community members together while families can stay at thebarbeque and picnic areas to enjoy the warm weather.

Dog parks also make a great amenity. Since more people want to have pets, pet-friendly amenities such as dog parks, green spaces, and walking trails make a community more desirable and friendlier. In fact, dog parks are a huge factor in urban neighborhoods with small yards. This helps their pets exercise and run safely, which gives them a chance to stay active as well.

Gym and fitness centers

Due to the increasing cases of weight gain, obesity, and other chronic diseases, people are becoming more health-conscious. The renewed focus on healthy living drives homeowners to buy home fitness equipment to encourage themselves to exercise at home. But sometimes the comfort provided by their homes makes them more sluggish and live a sedentary lifestyle.

Having a gym and fitness facility in a community helps in increasing a property's value. It allows community members to meet their fitness goals without leaving the community premises or paying costly fees for gym memberships. All they have to do is to drop by at the community fitness center and use the gym equipment.

Other communities organize fitness classes, such as Zumba, yoga, weight training, aerobics, and other exercises to keep residents motivated and active. It also brings the community together since most classes are done by groups.

Athletic amenities may vary depending on the HOA. These include basketball and tennis courts, locker rooms, weights, and cardio equipment, yoga room, bike racks, and storage rooms. Even swimming pools are a must-have community amenity. Communities offer open club membership to enjoy a whole year-round of swimming sessions.


Most homebuyers today are making technological conveniences a priority in finding a property. Online capabilities are now a huge trend as more people have become tech-savvy and eco-conscious. They prefer to do everything online, from making financial transactions and shopping for basic needs.

People like it when they can easily connect to the Internet even outside their homes. Communities that offer a good cellphone reception, high-speed Internet, free Wi-Fi, and other connectivity solutions can easily increase property values. This offers convenience and a wider opportunity for the community to connect outside their social circle. Some communities even offer co-working spaces to help remote employees find a comfortable office space near their homes.

All these amenities play an essential role in improving the quality of life and the value of a property within a community. Besides the examples above, consider your home's proximity to your workplace and the overall safety and vibe of the community. Every neighborhood has its own unique charms, so it's important to pick which one works for your lifestyle.


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