Friday, January 29, 2021

Great Reasons To Rent This Year


When looking for a place to live the main question we ask ourselves is whether to rent or buy. Buying a house or a property is a big commitment and often the deposit we have to save for this is enormous. But what if you need a place to call your own without the wait? 

Today we are talking about renting and some of the reasons why it is a great choice for first time property owners. If you are looking to call somewhere your own this year, consider renting a property for these reasons. 

It’s faster 

One of the main reasons people will choose to rent instead of buy is for speed and convenience. The contract for renting is much less strenuous than buying and this means the turn around is much quicker than for those who take on a mortgage. You can sign your contract and be in your new property within the month whereas when buying you could be waiting up to a year. For convenience if you want a home quickly, renting is the easiest option for you. 

They are newer 

One great reason to rent a house or an apartment is that the home is usually new and in mint condition. Finding new apartments for rent is much easier than finding a new build house to buy - and a lot of the time your rental property will be kept modern and fresh by the landlord to ensure quality as well as to keep up with regulations. Whereas if you were to buy a house made in the 50’s; the home could be very old fashioned in terms of decor as well as building style. You’ll likely have to fork out a lot of money to update it and this can be a huge investment all on its own. 

You don’t pay for repairs 

If you don’t have a lot of money aside from your rent and bills each month; a rental property could be a safer option than a mortgaged one. The reason for this is that if an appliance breaks or a leak occurs - you don’t have to pay to fix it. The landlord owns the property and it will be their responsibility to pay for damages and unexpected breakages - meaning you’ll never be caught in the lurch having to pay for an emergency repair on your home. 

You can stay as long as you need 

For many people, a rental property is a placeholder property that serves a purpose while you look to settle down and get into a position to buy. If you are young or you simply don’t know what you want yet in life; a rental will give you a place to stay without the worry of being stuck in one place for too long. You can stay in a rental property for as short or long a period as you like, and you always have the option to move out into a different rental when you fancy a change. 

You don’t have to commit 

Buying a house is a massive commitment. It is a contract of 20+ years and you must be ready to settle down in your life before you make this kind of sale. If you think you’ll be moving around in your life for your job or lifestyle or you aren’t ready to settle in one place yet; don’t buy a property. Renting is more flexible and will allow you to carry on living your life the way you want while you have a bed to sleep in when you get home. 


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