Friday, December 18, 2020

Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

According to industry experts, women own more homes than men in the United States. Data extrapolated from the U.S. Census Bureau shows single women have been owning more homes than men since 1986.

Women homeowners may want to remodel their homes for any number of reasons including putting your property in the market. But what sort of home improvements have the highest return of investment? Real estate experts say that bathroom improvements nearly always pay off.

However, you must be careful on what kind of bathroom improvements you should do. Below are some easy and affordable ways you can spruce up your bathroom.

Make a Dresser Sink

Bathroom sink installations don't have to be so complicated that you need to learn how to use tile spacers. If you have an old dresser or set of drawers, you can transform them into a dresser sink. Simply trace the sink on the top of the dresser and cut it out. Remove the drawers and cut hole sin the back for pipes. Resize the drawers to accommodate the piping and install. Voila! Your bathroom now has a classy vintage feel.

Improve Drainage

Sometimes the best improvements are those that aren't over the top. How many times have you had to bust out the toilet plunger or call a plumber because your drainpipes got clogged by hair and other debris? You can prevent this by simply enlarging the drainage pipes of your bathroom. Simply purchase PVC or steel pipes in large diameters and swap them for your pre-existing ones to improve bathroom drainage.

Update Fixtures

Another small way you can spruce up your bathroom is by buying new fixtures for your shower and sink. Although you could simply buy a new faucet and shower nozzle, you could also replace your water heating system. Remember to buy matching sets for all fixtures in your bathroom to avoid clashing colors and to retain a theme. If you're going with vintage appeal, get aged bronze fixtures or ceramic-handled faucets for that old-timey charm.

Brighten Up the Colors

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom look better is by applying a new coat of paint. Bathrooms are usually done in plain and neutral colors like beige, ecru and taupe. Although these colors apparently attract home buyers, you could want something a little more fun for your bathroom walls. Try gem-colored hues of green and blue for an underwater appeal. Or you can try creamy pastels for a slightly retro look. You can even use a new coat of paint to make your bathroom more hygienic by using brands with fungicidal properties that prevent mildew from building up. Just be sure to match the paint colors to your bathroom's fixtures.

Apply New Grout

Grout is often the dingiest looking parts of your bathroom. This material between your floor and wall tiles can harbor dirt and turn into mold colonies if you don't scrub them often. After enough time, they may also wash away, especially in your shower stall. Remove unsightly gaps in your grout by reapplying new grout to these areas. This ensures your tiles don't wobble out of place and prevents water from seeping out of your bathroom.

Go Eco-Friendly

A lot of homebuyers are now looking for homes that have fewer impacts on the environment such as properties with drought resistant gardens and solar paneling. You can make your bathroom eco-friendlier by swapping certain fixtures. For example, low-flow toilets and shower nozzles reduce your water consumption. Meanwhile, a tankless water heating system ensures your bathroom only uses energy when you need hot water, reducing your energy consumption and electrical bill.

Of all the places in your house, the bathroom should be the one that always looks amazing. So if you're putting your property on the market, spruce up your bathroom and you'll find its easier to seal a deal.


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