Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A New You in 2021 with these 3 Life Hacks

Well after 2020, we are all looking forward to a better year. Along with a better year, many of us hope for better versions of ourselves in 2021. Having spent the majority of 2020 inside of our homes with cancelled travel plans and celebrations, it is time to make the most of 2021. With these three life hacks, you can ring in the New Year with a plan for a new you in 2021.

Make Health a Priority

If 2020 taught the world anything, it is that our health is paramount. And, that means, that not only is your health important, but the health of your community, society, and the world. We are in this together. So, step out in 2021 with plans to get moving, exercise more, stretch more, and make the right food and drink choices. There is no healthy routine that will work for everyone. However, the best way to make something work is to make it fun. Choose a partner to exercise with or a friend to shop with, even if you do this virtually. Another trick that works wonders is keeping a healthy journal of eating habits, exercise times, and perhaps goals attained.

Start a New Hobby

Starting a new hobby is fun. It takes your mind off other things and/or people that might be adding stress to your life. Although exercise is one hobby, perhaps you want something that adds an element of calm and tranquility to your life and home. Many people choose to add a pet to their life for emotional support as well as tranquility. If you have a shelter close to your home, you may opt for adopting or even taking a pet for a day. If this isn’t an option because your flat or home doesn’t allow pets, perhaps you can add a small fish tank. A very entertaining fish to start with is the congo fish. It gets along well with otocinclus catfish as well as amano shrimp. If fish aren’t your thing, perhaps a little do-it-yourself decor and/or repair in your home is just what you need. There is something about putting together an IKEA piece of furniture or painting a room that makes all the other stuff fade away.

Nail Your Next Interview

Having a purpose along with a paycheck is great for your self-esteem. When you want to feel your best, make sure to put on your best first impression. It is imperative that you wear an outfit that is age-appropriate and fits the job. Additionally, make sure that you have a neat and tidy look from your hair, smile, and even nails. 

Let’s say hasta la vista baby to 2020 by entering 2021 with plans for a new you. Whether you are looking for love, success, a refreshed look on your world, or a bit of it all, take these three life hacks and run with them. Start a new hobby, get moving, make good food choices, and step out looking your best. Here’s to an incredible 2021! Cheers!


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