Saturday, November 28, 2020

Inside and Out: Changing Who You Are


Changing who we are is something that we all would like to do. We all view ourselves in a certain way, but we may grow frustrated with the person staring back at us in the mirror. Changing ourselves isn't something that happens overnight, but there are certain aesthetics that we can work towards, but also make inward changes.

Surround Yourself With Different Components

Changing who you are can be about the environment you are in. Sometimes exposing ourselves to different stimuli forces us to think differently. Taking yourself into more stressful situations can force you to think on your feet. Hanging around with different people forces you to think differently and to see things from different perspectives. But even incorporating different physical items in your life can make you think differently. Changing your look is one thing, but you can also think about changing the things that surround you. Something like a new car is not always an affordable option if you want to change your life completely, but you can change the rims and tyres! These environmental changes can stimulate us to think differently. But it's important to remember that they won't change your thought habits overnight.

Change How You Think of Yourself

When you are on the quest for a new image, it's about looking at how people see you now and how you want to see yourself. You need to decide on the characteristics that you would like to change. And it's a great idea at this point to brainstorm and think about people you admire. It's not just about what people's actions are, but it's their behaviors. But you need to start small. Think about the personality traits that you'd like to have and see if they are still achievable based on your personal beliefs and values. It's impossible to completely change who you are if the person you want to be is at odds with your belief system. Before you declutter your closet and throw clothes out, you need to look at where you want to be and if you can take the steps in that direction.

Changing Your Habits

The biggest alteration of all when you are trying to become a different person is to change your habits. There are so many things that you have to be conscious of before you change your habits. It's not just about the people you are hanging around, but it's also about making sure that you correct what people think about you, but you also need to change how you think about yourself. And these changes can be very daunting. Because you've got to think about so many different components. From looking at how you act in certain situations to ensuring that others notice a change in you it takes a long time to mold. And when you start to embody a new image, you then have to solidify how you feel as a new person. 

Changing who we are is something that we would all like to do but we have to remember that it's about taking small steps.


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