Friday, November 27, 2020

4 Benefits Of Adopting A Pet


Nowadays, it seems like the trendy thing to do is buy an exotic breed and show it off like it’s a new car or handbag. Don’t get me wrong; Cockapoos and Labradoodles are beautiful animals with plenty of personality. However, there are cats and dogs in need of help, and you should do your best to step up to the plate. After all, adopting a pet has many benefits that you don’t consider when you think about a shelter. Therefore, it’s about time you gave them a look and factored in the advantages of adoption.

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You’ll Save A Life

It’s sad that animals have to lose their lives because of irresponsible owners. That’s what happens when pets end up in shelters and aren’t re-housed. Due to the lack of space, some have to be euthanized, which is horrible to picture. Considering Uncommon Giving says that 6.4 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year, you literally save a life by adopting unfortunate pets who have done nothing wrong. Plus, so many of them are sweet and caring and don’t have a bad bone in their bodies. Designer pets will always have a home, but animals in shelters aren’t as lucky.

You’ll Save Money

You should consider the costs of pet ownership as it isn’t cheap to keep an animal. The Simple Dollar puts the average expense at upwards of $1,000, and that’s just for purchasing a dog. All in, you can expect to fork out tens of thousands of dollars in food, clothes, and veterinary bills. So, it’s essential to paws for a moment (pun intended!) and consider whether you can afford to own a pet. If you can but you’re on the edge, adopting an animal can cost as little as $50, saving you $950 straight out the gate.

You’ll Avoid Health Problems

The issue with buying from private breeders is that you can place style over substance. This means you’ll be tempted to gush over how cute they are without thinking about the mix. Designer dogs, while stunning, aren’t always healthy since they take on attributes from different breeds that can put their wellbeing at risk. A British bulldog is a prime example. Vice points out that not only are they cheaper from a shelter, but they will have fewer health issues as professionals understand how to care for a bulldog’s chronic respiratory problems.

You’ll Enjoy The Journey

Yes, rescues are harder to train and assimilate into the house. The ones that have been through hell will take a while to realize that love is healthy. As such, you can expect a pet from a shelter to lash out for a couple of weeks or months until it’s comfortable in its new surroundings. It’s tough at first, but it gets easier. Understanding your new member of the family is part of the process, and one that pet owners who rescue animals wouldn’t change for the world.

The process is sweeter when you recognize where you started and how far you have come as a unit.


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