Thursday, October 29, 2020

Avoiding Dental Anxiety So You Have a Healthy Mouth

Some people experience such anxiety over going to the dentist that they avoid the experience completely until their health demands it. Rather than waiting until you suffer an impacted tooth or some other horrific malady that could cause other health problems, visit an Arvada Dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry.

Undergoing dental work mildly sedated helps many people alleviate their anxiety. You can choose from three different types of sedatives. Rather than a “local” that only deadens pain at the tooth area where work is done, these options go just shy of knocking you out.

The first, nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas” as most people know it provides light sedation that lets people still respond verbally and feel physical stimulation. You inhale a bit of the nitrous oxide through a mask over your nose.

You might choose minimal sedation, also referred to as “twilight” sedation. You take an oral medicine that reduces your ability to feel pain, hear sounds, and smell temporary. You can still respond verbally and feel physical stimulation though.

The third option requires an intravenous drug. So long as you do not fear needles, moderate, conscious sedation could work for you. It works best for shorter dental procedures. Similar to the other two options, you can still respond verbally and feel physical stimulation; you will not be aware of smells, sounds, or feel pain.

Since you remain conscious with all three, you will still be able to signal if you do need a break from the work just to take a breath or to spit. Your dentist has many other ways of making the experience more amenable.

You should talk to your dentist before the actual appointment. Discuss how you have felt on prior visits to the dentist and what happens when you have to go to a dentist’s appointment. Perhaps you get hives, sweaty palms, a headache, etc. Let them know in advance what you go through so they can make the experience easier for you.

Many dentists provide headphones and a variety of music options so you can listen to something that will take your mind off of things while you undergo your exam or dental work. They may also provide magazines for you to read or play movies or TV shows while you undergo the procedure.

Combining these techniques can make visiting the dentist a more enjoyable experience. Ask today about ways to reduce anxiety during your dental visits so you can keep your mouth healthy.


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