Thursday, October 29, 2020

3 Ways to Care for Your Stairs


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Many types of stairs bring your home together. Whether they're kissing the wall of your home or welcome everyone who enters the door, you see and climb them every day. 

These steps take you to another level on Earth and back down. So, give your stairs the much needed TLC with these few tips!

Proper Maintenance

Unlike carpeted floors, stairs need more than just a brief vacuum. Every step up needs to be taken care of which can take a little more time out of your day. 

For carpeted stairs, vacuum each step as you would or use the nozzle with an appropriate attachment. The step and rise up will be brushed, and the sides will need special attention. Don't forget to get into those corners! 

For tiled stairs, go ahead and broom the stairs. Just like carpeted stairs, vacuum the hard to reach corners. It is your choice to wipe the stairs down as well as give it a glow.

Some of you may have a runner going up the stairs. A combination of tile and carpet care will be done. Brush the stairs with care and pay attention to the sides. Though stairs are continuously stepped on in the middle, lots of buildup gets caught where feet don't touch.

Also, don't forget the rails! Wipe them down or if it's time to touch up the colour, go right ahead. Give your staircase the presentation it needs!


Are you tired of looking at the same old staircase? You're probably ready to update them with a modernized look. 

You have some decision making to do for your soon to be newly designed stairs. It's your choice to stick with the same style and decide what flooring will be best for your home. Don't be overwhelmed; this is your chance to change up your home for the better. 

The main question is, do you want tiled stairs, carpeted stairs, or an accent runner to bring out your home? No matter what you choose, a variety of solids and patterns will need to be conquered. Also, take into consideration the care your new steps will need. Make them last for years with the countless steps you'll be taking.


Sometimes stairs can look too plain. Look forward to every time you use the stairs with accessories to make the steps pop. Whether you're climbing up or going down, enjoy the features you add on your escalated trip. 

Picture frames of any view are popular add-ons over stairs. Instead of watching your feet step, enjoy a setting or memory every time. Decorated walls can bring out your stairs for the better.

Handrails are often neglected. Try something new by adding laced around decor or hanging statements. These are often done during the holidays, but you can try them year-round. Express yourself every time you brace yourself on the stair rail. 

Hopefully, you embrace at least one of these tips and become proud of your newly modelled stairway. There's nothing like having a beautiful connection between the upstairs and downstairs. 


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