Thursday, October 22, 2020

3 Marble Countertop Care Tips

Marble countertops can be a lovely addition to any kitchen. The durable, long-lasting natural stone can develop an attractive patina over time. However, marble countertops require proper care to stay in good shape. There are things that homeowners should do to ensure the marble looks and functions well for decades.

1. Clean After Use

Acidic foods such as wine, vinegar, tomatoes and citrus fruits can damage marble. Spills that are not cleaned up promptly can cause stains, especially if left for hours or overnight. Use mild soaps with water and nonabrasive cloths or sponges to clean countertops after use to keep them looking fresh. Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals or abrasive properties to preserve the finish.

2. Protect From Damage

Be careful when using heavy objects, as dropped items can chip or crack counters. If damage does occur, find help with countertop repair Manhattan NY. Use large cutting boards or silicone sheets to prevent acidic or staining foods from coming into contact with the surface of the countertops. While marble is tolerant of heat, it is a good idea to use trivets underneath hot pots and pans as a safeguard.

3. Remove Stains and Seal

Occasionally, stains will occur that cannot be removed during the normal cleaning routine. At that point, a harsher chemical and abrasive cloth may be employed to strip off the sealant and remove the stain. The counter should be allowed to dry completely before being resealed. The sealant may wear out over time. Put a few drops of water on a countertop to see if they remain beaded on the surface or sink in and spread. If they sink into the marble, it is time to reseal the counters.

Although caring for marble countertops does take time and dedication, many people believe it is a worthwhile endeavor. If unsure of what to do, talk to professionals for advice.


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