Wednesday, September 30, 2020

4 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Car


Is it time to send your old motor to the great scrapheap in the sky? Sorry to say it but it might be!

While you might be tempted to hold onto it forever, perhaps because of the happy memories it has given you, or because of the expense of a new car, you might have to admit to yourself that now is the time for a replacement. 

Of course, you don't have to break the bank and buy something brand new. Used car dealerships akin to Indi Car Credit can often offer you something that won't derail your finances, so it is worth shopping around. And you might want to do so at your earliest opportunity, especially if the following signs relate to you.

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Car

#1: You have a breakdown company on speed dial

Cars are great...until they break down! They tend to break down at the most inconvenient of places too, such as in the middle of the highway or in places that are miles away from a service station. So, if your car has started breaking down with alarming regularity, then it's clearly time to consider buying something new. 

#2: Your local garage is like your second home

This is really a follow on from the last point. If your car is often in need of repair, you are going to spend more time in your local garage than you might want to. Minor repairs are natural, but if you're regularly having to book your car in for engine faults, exhaust problems, and radiator issues, these are signs that your car has long since past its prime.  Now, you could set yourself up in a corner of the garage with your own armchair and a kettle if you're never away from there, but instead of making yourself home, you might want to replace your car instead. Despite the initial expense, it will work out cheaper for you in the long-term. 

#3: Raindrops keep falling on your head

The best place for a shower is in your home and not in your car. But if your car is rusting, it might be that holes have opened up where they shouldn't. For this reason, you might be subject to a sudden shower if the heavens open up and rain starts coming through. If your car is corroding, there could be holes in the floor too, and pieces of your car could fall off when you're journeying from A to B. These are not good signs, so protect yourself and your passengers by ditching your crumbling motor.

#4: Your family won't get into the car with you

It might be that you're a less than careful driver, in which case, we wouldn't blame them for steering clear of the passenger seats. On the other hand, it might be because your car is falling apart, so they might be embarrassed to get in there with you. And if your family has grown in size, they might struggle to fit in there anyway, regardless of the state of the motor. So, consider their needs as well as your own, and if there are any practical reasons why they won't get into your car, consider replacing it soon. 

So, is it time to replace your car? It might be, especially if you have related to the signs we have listed. Consider the option then, and bless your life with something that won't derail your finances or your personal happiness. 

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