Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Positive Thinking: The Key To A Happier Life

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Some people have the glass half full mentality and focus on the positive side of life instead of the negative. 

They live a life in accordance with that famous Monty Python song; and 'always look on the bright side of life.' 

And while we admit positive people can sometimes be a little insufferable, especially when we're feeling negative about ourselves, there are reasons why we should try to follow their example. 

If we think positively...

Good Things Will Happen

Good things are unlikely to happen in our lives if we wallow in misery and self-defeat. We are hardly likely to experience a positive life when we forever tell ourselves 'I can't' instead of 'I can.' Instead, we will limit the happy experiences we have in life, as we will be too focussed on the worst, and our misery and negativity will be perpetuated. 

Some people relate this to the universal law of attraction; the notion that when we give attention to negative things, our lives start to take on a negative shape. Positive thinking, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. When we think positively, we are more likely to bring positive things into reality and enjoy a happier life. You can find out more about this here: What is the Universal Law of Attraction?

So, try it for yourself. Turn your thinking around. if you focus your attention on positive things, such as your hopes, dreams, and wishes, you might see these things materialize in your life. In short, good things might happen, so be positive!

We Will Feel Healthier

A healthier life equates to a happier life, and science has determined positive thinking can be a contributing factor to good health, especially when it comes to stress.

Studies have shown that positive thinking can impact the way we deal with stressful situations. An optimistic mindset can give us cause to manage the stress in our lives, with the view that we can overcome whatever it is that is getting us down. A negative mindset, on the other hand, can give us reason to do nothing due to the assumption that the situation is out of our control.

If we think positively, we can rise above our stresses. If we think negatively, we might only perpetuate them. Either way, there will be a knock-on effect to our health, both physically and mentally, as we will either succumb to or overcome the side-effects of stress

We will become more grateful

Sure, there are plenty of things in life that might get us down, but if we focus on these, we will only start to wallow in sorrow and despair. Instead, we should focus on gratitude, because if we concentrate on those things that we are grateful for, we might start to feel happier about the way our lives are going. 

So, turn your negative thinking around every time it creeps up on you. Remind yourself of the many good things about your life. You will see that your life isn't as bad as you might sometimes make it out to be, and you should experience more happy thoughts instead of those that cause you to feel unhappy.  

Take care, and thanks for reading!


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