Thursday, August 27, 2020

How To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

The difference between a house and a home isn’t obvious — it isn’t a particular paint colour or type of sofa - it’s a feeling. You know it when you feel it. Everyone knows that when you move into a new place, it can take a while to make your pad get that special feeling (cosy, welcoming, comforting). So, if you’ve unpacked your boxes and filled up the fridge, and the place still feels a bit ‘new’, follow this guide for some small changes that can make your house feel a whole lot more like home. 

Inject some personality 

A quick way to make a house feel more you, add in some ornaments and memories from your life. Whether that means creating a gallery wall of all your best travel photos, displaying your favourite books on a coffee table or throwing a favourite old rug over the side of the sofa. These small touches will evoke warm, happy feelings that can transport you straight back! 

Bring the outside indoors 

Filling your house with plants has three benefits. Firstly, plants look beautiful, helping spaces look vibrant and friendly. Secondly, they have been proven to boost people’s moods, lowering stress levels and making people feel happier. Thirdly, they can help to improve the air quality in your home, which is never a bad idea. 


Stamping your mark on a place is a sure-fire way of making a place feel more ‘you’. That doesn’t mean you should start knocking down walls or taking up tiles — only take on projects that you think you can handle! By doing some work on your house yourself, you can make it exactly to your specifications, and it will immediately feel more like home. Be that painting a room your favourite colour, upcycling some furniture, or changing the doorknobs, you’ll add some personality and help make it feel more like yours. 

Get gardening

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden — especially in the city — spending a little time and money can make a huge difference. Creating a space where you can throw open the doors and step into greenery is a great way to make a place feel more homely. If you have a little more cash to spare, there are a number of uber-talented landscape designers, like Amber Freda, who can help transform outdoor spaces into oases of calm. 

Find a furry friend 

Maybe the quickest way to transform your home from somewhere that you sleep to a warm and cosy home is by getting a little friend: a pet! Adopting an animal that needs your help will make a world of difference, flooding love into your home. They can have other useful benefits too - owning a pet can help to reduce stress, provide support and even lower blood pressure. 

So, that’s the end of the guide. I hope you found it helpful, and that you can start making your house a home from now on.


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