Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Keep Your Pets Safe at Home

Keeping your pet safe at home is one of your number one priorities as a pet owner. Here are three commonly overlooked safety issues that you should consider.

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1. Be Careful About Extermination

When you’re having pest control treatment in your home, talk to the exterminator about whether the proposed treatment plan will be safe for your pets. Try to work with a company that offers a non-toxic solution that won’t leave dangerous residue all over your home and put pets’ health in jeopardy. If you need to find non-toxic pest control Skokie IL, work with a service provider who can offer a safe and unique alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

2. Address Problematic Windows

If you have a window that doesn’t consistently stay open or you sometimes use something to prop it open, it can create a serious safety hazard for pets. If they go to a window to get a view and move against it just slightly, it could cause it to slam shut suddenly. Likewise, a window with a screen could be a hazard if a small animal leans against it. A cat who is basking in the sun or doing a little bird watching could fall out of the window if the screen rips or pops out. Don’t leave a window open high enough for this to happen or install a pet window safety guard that can prevent a tragic accident.  

3. Keep Your Doors Closed at All Times

When you’re bringing things in and out of your home, be sure to keep your doors closed between trips. A dog or cat can dart out in just a moment not necessarily because of any escape inclinations but just plain curiosity. Once outside, he or she could get lost, struck by a vehicle, or attacked by another animal. Be conscientious about keeping your door closed to protect your furry family.


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