Friday, July 10, 2020

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Since the CoVid-19 crisis started, many businesses have offered a work from home arrangement for their employees. This is a good idea, keeping the workforce safe at home and ensuring business continuity at the same time.

For most of those who are new to the work from home set up, the issue of having a dedicated space in the house to work is a primary concern. You don't want to use the dining table or the kitchen island for a work station, right? Don't fret. Here are some tips to get you started in creating a space so  you can work in peace.

If you don't have a spare room in your house to convert into an office space, you can use a portion of your room instead. No renovations needed, just move some furniture around to allow ample space to set up your work station.

Choose the right furniture

To start off, the basic office furniture you would need is a desk and chair. 

Get a desk that would suit your needs. Will you be using a laptop or a desktop computer? How many monitors will you need? The desk you will choose must be the right height too. Your line of sight should be at the same level with the computer monitor to avoid eye and neck strain.

Buy a comfy chair. You can use whatever spare chair you have at home, but it would be best if you could get a high back, swivel chair to provide the proper lumbar and neck support. If you would need some suggestions for office chairs and desks, you can check out Rakuten's website. You can definitely find something there that would suit your needs and style preference.

Choose a place with natural light

It would always be nice to have your desk near a window so you can look outside when your eyes need to take a break. Natural light sources are more conducive to staying focused and calm while working. If you are working a late night shift, it would be best to get a desk lamp or an LED lamp that you can attach to the edge of your desk.

Keep essential office supplies within reach

A desk caddy will keep pens, pencils, markers, paper clips organized. Keep a journal, or planner or a pad of paper on your desk, so that you can easily jot down ideas and reminders. A small desktop calendar would be handy to have, and if you opt to add a small desk clock, that would be fine too.


Now you've got a desk, a chair, a light source and desk essentials, it is time to personalize your space. Place some small potted plants on your desk. Succulents are a popular choice. A pop of color will provide your eyes a refreshing break. A framed photo of your loved ones and a few precious figurines would be nice to add to your desk decor. Feel free to add anything or any item that would inspire and motivate you to do your work.

Try these tips to create your own work station at home. You don't need to get fancy or anything. Comfort and functionality are the key to building a great work station which would bring in of course, increased productivity!

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