Saturday, June 13, 2020

Decorating for a Rustic Feel

If you’ve finally saved enough to purchase a little cabin in the woods as a perfect vacation spot or rental to get away from it all, it’s time to think about how to decorate so the inside fits the outside. Just like you wouldn’t decorate a modern high-rise with Victorian antiques, don’t decorate a rustic forest get-away with seashells. Sticking with geographically appropriate nature themes will create a cohesive whole.

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Wooden Accents

A log cabin is made of wood to begin with, so it’s fitting that the accents are also. Rustic ceiling beams are a nice touch as are porch or stairway log railing Sullivan ME or your vacation town. If there’s a fireplace, add a split log mantle. Small niche shelves and towel racks can also be made of wood. Wood smells good, lasts a long time and creates warmth in a home.

Color Treatment

People and animals generally gravitate towards dark colors in the forest because it helps with camouflage and (in the case of humans) doesn’t show dirt as easily. This doesn’t mean your cabin has to be decorated exclusively in browns and greens. In fact, choosing lighter colors will help brighten up dark spaces. If the walls aren’t made of wood, they can be whitewashed. Reds, oranges and yellows mixed with white help create energy in the room without taking away its hominess. Choose two or three colors found in Mexican woven blankets for your inspiration.

Creature Comforts

Just because you’re taking a break from city life doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. If anything, your vacation cabin should be more comfortable, so it feels like a true spot for repose. Upgrade all your pillows and bed linens to the very best you can afford. Make sure there are plenty of cozy blankets scattered around for cuddling up around the fire.
A rustic cabin doesn’t need to feel like a Spartan summer camp. With a few tweaks, you can be comfortable and closer to nature both inside and out.


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