Sunday, May 10, 2020

Strategies For Coping With Memory Loss

One of the more distressing things that can happen to someone as they age is the loss of memory. This can be gradual or sudden, but in either case it is likely to cause some problems and be quite upsetting for all involved. It will be especially upsetting if it is a great deal of memory loss, but even just occasionally forgetting little things can be annoying and frustrating too. However, no matter the reason behind it or how advanced it has become, there are strategies for coping with memory loss that we should all be aware of. Whether you have an elderly loved one who is suffering or you are starting to experience memory loss yourself, the following is all good advice.

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Sometimes The Rational Doesn’t Work

If you have ever been looking after someone with dementia, you will know perfectly well that it is not always possible, or necessary, to continue to speak to them rationally and logically. A lot of people think that they should try to bring the person in question back to the rational plane by continually telling them what it is that they have forgotten and what the truth is. But in reality, this is more likely to land you in trouble than help the individual in question. The rational doesn’t always work, and sometimes you have to just let them do their thing. If you are the person suffering memory loss, you can consider the same for yourself too, if you start to get confused about things.

Expert Care Might Be Required

If there is someone in your life who is struggling with extreme memory loss, perhaps as a result of being elderly and with dementia, then you need to consider that it might be time to find them some expert care. You might want to look into getting a professional carer to come and visit them, or even live-in with them, or you might prefer to get them into an assisted living program. With that kind of life, they can continue to live happily, while also receiving the kind of personal and medical care that they are in need of. And if the establishment in question also happens to practice memory care, then that is definitely going to be a plus.

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Staying Mentally Active

There is something to be said for staying menally active in order to help with memory loss, both in a preventative sense and in terms of in-the-moment care as well. There are many things that can help here, whether it’s doing puzzles like sudoku and crosswords or just making a point of reading something every day. Either way, staying mentally active is going to make a huge difference to how well one can remember things, and it is something that we should all think about doing from as early on in our lives as possible, to help stop ourselves experiencing severe memory loss later on in life.


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