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Gifts To Show Your Lover That You Care

When it comes to buying gifts, they say it's the thought that counts. That's never more true than when you are trying to show your boyfriend or girlfriend that you care. In truth, the sentimental value is far greater than the monetary value.

Here are eight priceless ideas that truly show how much you care.

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1. The Home Date Gifts

Spending time together is truly the greatest gift of all, and you don't even need to leave the house to make it happen. In fact, you can also embrace your joint love of geeky gifts, such as gaming or home cinema experiences. For the latter, a home popcorn machine can work wonders too. If joint interests aren't an option, do something that is focused on what they love.

If nothing else, you can use this as bargaining power when picking dates outside of the home...

2. Something With Rare Historical Value

Anybody can pick up the latest jewelry from the local mall. However, necklaces or rings that incorporate Megalodon teeth make a far greater statement. After all, the number of pieces available is limited due to the shark species being extinct. When jewelry isn't an option, sports or music memorabilia can offer historic and rare value.

Crucially, it's an idea that shows you have made a significant effort to find the ideal gift for your lover.

3. Write Them Something

Whether it's a poem or a song, writing something for your significant other isn't cheap. It's priceless. It's something that you have put your heart and soul into, which will have a telling impact on the recipient. Even if you aren't quite up to the standards of a professional, writing down the best things about your unique love story is sure to bring a smile or two.

However, it is highly recommended that the gift is accompanied by something they can unwrap too.

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4. Name A Star

Your partner is your everything. Naming a star after them is a great way to show them that they mean the world to you. The idea itself is very simple, but it can be combined with other ideas. A walk under the stars, followed by the reveal is a great option. Fireworks – ideally silent ones – can also add something special to their birthday or your anniversary.

Presentation is the key for this type of gift. Get this right, and you'll be destined for success.

5. Personalized Photo Gifts

Thanks to the benefits of digital communications, it is now a very easy task to create personalized photo gifts. Creating photo books are the ideal way to celebrate the amazing experiences you've shared up to this point. Canvases for the living room or hallway wall are ideal too. Likewise, photo gifts, such as keyrings and mugs can leave the desired impact.

When using the latter idea, a joint gift where you each keep one half can be a great solution too.

6. Adopt An Animal

If your significant other is an animal lover, adopting an animal is a great option. Whether it's an endangered species or their favorite animal doesn't matter. The sentiments are particularly strong, while regular updates offer an ongoing gift. If you live together, you may alternatively want to consider getting a pet instead.

Either way, the animal is something that you can love together. It brings you closer together.

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7. The Big Statement

Depending on what stage of the relationship you are at, big statements can be made. This can include giving your lover a key to the property, asking them to move in, or even getting engaged. The show of commitment is a truly special gift. And, it can also link up nicely with other gifts, such as the keyring idea for when asking them to live with you.

Avoid making the big statement for the sake of it. But when it feels right, this gift is amazing.

8. Career Support

If your partner is passionate about chasing a new career goal, why not support them with your gift? Booking studio time for a musician, acting classes for an actor or a new camera for a budding photographer are all great options. The show of belief and confidence can make a world of difference to their ego and motivation.

It could also make the gift hunting process a lot easier for the years to come.

The Final Word

Sentimental gifts do not need to feel cheap. Likewise, they do not need to cost you the earth. Find the right balance by finding something personal, and you won't go far wrong. 


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