Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Bit of History: How Old Glory Came To Be

A country's flag is symbolic of their journey to independence as a nation. Citizens are always so proud to display their flag during national holidays. Just the sight of the flag strengthens the sense of patriotism in the citizenry. 

In its 244 years of independence, the United States flag has undergone so many modifications. The current flag with 50 stars is the 27th modification, which was ordered by President Eisenhower in 1959. It became official in 1960. 

The U.S. flag is commonly called "Stars and Stipes," "Star Spangled Banner." and "Old Glory." The first two "nicknames" are for obvious reasons, because the flag has indeed stars and stripes and is a banner. But why is it called "Old Glory?" 

The name "Old Glory" has an interesting story to it. In 1824, Captain William Driver hoisted a flag on his ship before he set sail on a voyage around the world. He exclaimed, "I will call her Old Glory!" This was the flag that accompanied Captain Driver in his sea voyages until 1837 when he retired and moved to Nashville, TN. 

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The flag Old Glory had 13 stripes in alternating red and white color, 34 stars and an anchor to symbolize Captain Driver's voyages at sea. However, during the civil war, Captain Driver feared that Old Glory would be desecrated so he had it sewn inside a quilt for safeguarding. It was not until 1862 when Nashville was taken over by the Union headed by Ulysses Grant that Captain Driver revealed the flag and was granted permission to hoist it over the dome of a former Confederate state capitol. 

That's a bit of American flag history there for you. 

Every year on June 14, we celebrate U.S. Flag day. It is a day dedicated to commemorate the adoption of the first flag on June 14, 1777. We usually decorate our front porches with the colors red, white and blue, and proudly display American flags on our windows and front yards. It is a day we spend with family and be thankful for the freedom we so enjoy. 

How will you be celebrating Flag Day? Will you be displaying our flag on your window, porch or front yard? Let me know in the comments below.


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