Wednesday, May 27, 2020

3 Care Options for Senior Loved Ones

As people age, it can be difficult for family members to determine what level of care is needed for their senior loved ones. It can be especially complicated to balance the preferences and needs of the senior with the lifestyle and demands of the family member’s lives. When in this situation, it is important that family members understand that there are multiple alternatives options to consider.

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1. Living With a Loved One

Some families are able to accommodate their senior loved ones into their own home and provide all the care they need. While all family relationships and situations are unique, many seniors enjoy being surrounded by people they know and love. However, some seniors with unique medical conditions or dementia may require more assistance than their family members can provide.  

2. Living Alone With Assistance

For seniors who wish to remain in their current place of residence, it is sometimes an option to have a nurse or caretaker visit the senior’s home as necessary. The level of care provided can often be customized to the individual’s needs. Assisted living facilities, such as adult foster care fall river, are another unique option for seniors that allow them to live in their own apartment-like room while getting help with only the tasks they cannot complete on their own.

3. Receiving 24/7 Care at a Facility  

For people with complex medical issues or advanced dementia, a skilled nursing facility, dementia care facility, or a similar type of living complex that offers around-the-clock care is sometimes the best alternative. There are also some transitional care residences that can alter the level of care provided depending on the individual’s needs, ultimately offering 24/7 care when necessary.
Knowing what options are available allows family members and seniors to develop a plan that best fits their unique situation. It is important to always consider the health and mental stability of the aging individual and to place value on both party’s preferences when deciding.



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