Saturday, April 25, 2020

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As your parents get older, your relationship will start to change. Shifts may be small at first but, over time, your roles may reverse. You have become the caretaker. The responsibility and extra work that comes with caring for aging parents are things that you may take on willingly. However, you don't have to do everything yourself. Learn about services that are available so that you can help your parents live their best lives. 

1. Companion Services

Social withdrawal and isolation is a big problem for older adults, especially those who are largely homebound. Combat loneliness by having someone come in to offer companion services on days you can't physically be there. Trained professionals like those from a home care agency Westchester County can play games, prepare meals, offer medication reminders and serve as a friendly face to brighten your parents' days. 

2. Housecleaning Assistance

Physical housekeeping tasks like changing sheets, scrubbing bathrooms and washing floors can be difficult for some older adults. They can also pose safety hazards that might result in a fall. Limit risks and take some of the burden of home care off your parents by tackling the larger jobs for them. If they don't want to put you out, offer to hire a service as a holiday or birthday gift. 

3. Respite Care

Are you a primary caregiver for a family member? Avoid burnout by seeking respite care. This gives you a chance to head out and practice some self-care without worrying about leaving a frail parent home alone. Look for resources in your community that support and assist caregivers. 

4. Transportation Assistance

Sometimes all an aging parent needs is a ride to and from the store, senior center or doctor's office. Offer a ride yourself, or connect them to an area church or senior services organization that can help. 
The best way to know what your parents need is to ask them. If they aren't forthcoming, or if they are unable to communicate their needs, take the time to observe them and the situation before rushing in to help. You'll be better prepared to meet their needs and possibly avoid a confrontation.


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