Thursday, March 5, 2020

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While air pollution doesn’t top all of our lists when it comes to big concerns, it is something that we should all take into consideration. You’re not only at risk of air pollution when you visit major cities and spend time out on the streets. You can be at risk from the health consequences of air pollution in your own home too! The good news is that you can better control the conditions you live in than conditions in public spaces. So, here are a few steps you can take to improve the air you breathe when you’re within your own home.

Sweep, Vacuum and Dust

Every home will generate dust. Dust itself is basically an accumulation of skin cells, hair, and other debris that gets dropped on the floor. While not necessarily dangerous in reasonable quantities, it does lower air quality and can irritate your lungs. Make sure to sweep, vacuum and dust your home to remove any excess dust regularly!

Clean and Repair Air Con Units

Air con can be great for air quality in your home - keeping everything circulating and making sure nothing gets stagnant. But this only applies to clean air con units. If your air con system is full of dust or hasn’t been cleaned, it can actually spread dirt and germs around the room it’s in. Make sure your unit is in top condition and if you notice any problems, contact Pezz Electrical Services, LLC. They’ll be able to fix things and get your unit up and running again in next to no time.

Invest in Houseplants

If you haven’t heard plants referred to as “nature’s life support system” yet, you have now! Plants draw impurities from the air surrounding them and photosynthesise carbon dioxide into oxygen as part of their natural process. You can incorporate plants into your home to help improve the air quality without spending too much money. Of course, this may not be ideal for people suffering from allergies such as hay fever. You should do plenty of research into the plants you choose. If you have children or pets, be particularly wary and always choose non-toxic options.

Invest In a Salt Lamp

Salt lamps, sometimes referred to as Himalayan salt lamps, are pretty lamps composed of salt. The bulb is placed inside a carved block of salt for subtle glow. But as well as serving a functional purpose in terms of lighting, they also draw in water from the air, removing bacteria and dirt with it! This can improve air quality in the space they’re being used in. The lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s worth shopping around to find the one that will best suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

While we tend to take the air we breathe for granted, it is important that we guarantee ourselves good air quality wherever possible. The above steps are just a few ideas that will, hopefully, get the ball rolling in the right direction for you!


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