Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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When it comes to purchasing a good pair of boots you will wear for winter, there are a few factors to consider and these would be the choice of material, style, and insulation. 

Boots primarily used for outdoor activities should be insulated, with sturdy construction and if possible, made of materials that would keep moisture out. However, we have no command over the weather and a sunny day in the winter can suddenly turn into a day with freezing rain and leave you and your boots soaking wet. This can happen to anyone, so how can you dry your boots? Here are some effective ways to get the moisture out of your beloved boots.

1. Thoroughly dry the exterior of the boots using paper towels or rags. Pat dry instead of rubbing. This method would absorb the moisture better. Then stuff the interior of the boots with crumpled pieces of old newspaper. However, you will have to replace the crumpled paper every two to three hours or so.

2. Place your wet boots in an area in the house where it gets good air circulation. Do not leave them out in the garage. The moisture in your boots can freeze and cause more damage. 

3. Do not subject your wet boots to a high heat source. It is tempting to use a hair dryer to do the job quick but this would do more harm than good, especially if you are dealing with leather boots. 

4. A more efficient and convenient way to dry your boots is to purchase a boot dryer. Cozy Winters has a wide selection of boot dryers and other top of the line products to provide your family (and pets!) cozy winters! (no pun intended). Boot dryers work by providing a gentle heat source to dry the inside of the boots. Cozy Winters boot dryers have different models from different suppliers, all tried and tested for quality and performance. These portable machines not only dry your boots, but they also provide a UV light that kills bacteria. We all know that bacteria thrives in high moisture areas and you don't want that, right? Check them out and choose which ones would work best for you and your family. 

These are just 4 simple ways to care for your winter boots to make them last longer. Don't let the weather and wet boots stop you from having fun!


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