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Fun Decor Ideas For An 18th Birthday Party

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For a big birthday like an 18th, it is sometimes difficult coming up with unique gift ideas to help make that person feel special. Printed balloons make a great birthday gift as they are fun and something you only receive on your birthday which adds to the excitement of the special day. 

Birthdays should not come without celebration, after all, birthdays are the best excuse to party throughout the year! When giving a balloon, you want to add a personal touch as it shows you have put thought and care into the gift. So whether you just want to wish someone a happy 18th year or you want to make them laugh with your gift, here are the top eight printed balloons for an 18th birthday. You can also incorporate some of these sayings and ideas into a scrapbook if you’re looking for something the recipient can cherish for many years to come. A scrapbooking coach will help you to ensure you create a great gift.

Ideas for printed balloons

1. Happy 18th Birthday “name”- This might seem simple but it is really effective. Personalizing the balloon just with a person’s name shows that the balloon was created just for them and makes them feel loved in four simple words. To make it even more personal, you could have their nickname printed as well.

2. Baby photo- Putting a baby photo of the birthday boy/girl on printed balloons will really surprise them and even raise a giggle. It helps celebrate how much this person has grown up and celebrates their life and the achievement of reaching such a milestone. You could also add a funny catchphrase such as “You are no longer a baby” to go with the photo.

3. I’d like to raise a toast, it’s your 18th birthday- This pokes fun at the fact that the recipient is now legally allowed to drink while also pointing out it’s a cause for celebration. Any drink-related printed balloons are bound to raise some banter between friends.

4. Welcome to credit cards, phone bills and voting!- This sarcastic printed balloon shows the 18 year old what life ahead will be like while remaining light hearted and jovial.

5. May all your dreams come true- Printed balloons like this serious and heartfelt one show that you care not just on their birthday but what happens throughout their life. An 18th birthday can be emotional as it marks the beginning of adult life so an 18-year-old might appreciate this as they begin their new chapter.

6. A picture of champagne glasses- Drinking alcohol will be a novelty to a new 18-year-old so capture that excitement with a simple picture of some champagne glasses to signify the celebration!

7. 18, the best reason ever to get the party started!- What more does an 18-year-old want than to have some drinks and just party hard with friends. Follow suit and give them a balloon that encourages them to celebrate in style!

8. Photo collage- You could create printed balloons with a photo collage printed. Gather a few photos which show the birthday boy/girl happy and having fun and put them together to be printed onto some balloons. They will love taking a walk down memory lane to commemorate their birthday and will be amazed at the gesture.


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