Friday, January 10, 2020

Feel Like A Million Dollars

If we all had a million dollars, then perhaps we would feel like a million dollars more often. But the truth is, we don't all have the money that we'd like to, and we don't all have the health that we would like to. In an ideal world, we would all be rich and have a healthy bank account, as well as a healthy body. But in all reality, we're all working to pay the bills and to watch our bank account be empty by the middle of the month. And we consequently for rubbish about our lives and end up binge eating and staying on the sofa on the weekends. Unless of course a random event is happening, then we might dress up and come alive for one night only. It's just not the way that we as a world should be living our lives, but it's definitely something that everyone reading this can relate to. So, with everything going on in your life, how do you think you can finally feel like a million dollars? It will have been a long time coming for you, but we have a few tips that should help you along your way! 

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Putting Yourself First

It's so important that we start putting ourselves first. Some people are already doing this, and they might even be called selfish. We live in a world where we're far more eager to please others than we are to please ourselves, and anyone who is doing it the opposite is often considered selfish. But in this world we have to be a little selfish. You're never going to be able to get what you want out of life without doing it. But that doesn't mean that you can't do anything for anyone else, it just means you have to put yourself first. For example, one of the ways they we really screw ourselves over in life is by spending money when we shouldn't be spending our money. We agree to plans all of the time just to please other people, when it really isn't going to please our bank accounts. This then leads us to having no money to be able to truly enjoy ourselves, which then leads to stress. So, for the start of this year, try living a life of doing nothing but what you want to. If that's sitting on the sofa all weekend then go ahead and do it! Think about how much money you would save if you did. 

Focusing On Your Health

This is the one that people fail with the most. Your health is supposed to be something you focus on every single day, but instead it's probably something that gets ignored more so than anything else. We like to put our health at the back of our minds just in case the answer to the problems we're having, is not something they we want to hear. Take problems with hearing as a prime example. Hearing is something we definitely take for granted, and assume it's only going to go downhill when we get old and grey. When in fact, your hearing can go at any point in your life, causing some major distress. It's all down to the fact that we think hearing aids are for the elderly, when they have now in fact been designed with youth in mind. They're discreet, easy to use, and will change your life if you are suffering from problems with your hearing. 

Treat Yourself 

You're always going to feel better if your treat yourself. Like we said in the first section, this year should be all about making sure that you're able to treat yourself and to be a little bit selfish. But to truly treat yourself, we feel like you need to indulge. You could book yourself in at one of your local day spas and get a facial. Both men and women benefit from these, it shouldn't just be women who are going for them. They're truly relaxing and allow you to find peace with yourself during the short time it will last. It will cleanse and treat your face for any problems they you have, and it's generally a great treatment to have if you feel like you need a little pick me up! 

A Break Away

Finally, why not think about booking yourself a little break away. It's hard not to love yourself when you're going on holiday. Ordinary life stops and you're free to do what you want. It's the break from reality that you need to know is coming this year! 


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