Monday, January 13, 2020

5 Ways To Protect Your Cars Paintwork

Image Credit: Pexels. Free to Use License. 
Whether your car is fresh off the production line or is a second-hand trusty workhorse, protecting its paintwork is the key to keeping its exterior in good condition for years to come and can make a vehicle look well maintained ultimately increasing its value. So here are 5 ways to protect your car’s paintwork. 

1. Don’t write on it
We know it can be fun to write on a dirty car but every time your fingertips wipe through the dirt they’re acting a bit like sandpaper, grinding the particles of dust and grime into the paintwork. It only takes one larger fragment of grit to leave a noticeable scratch and with regular touching, this inconspicuous action can begin to leave a more permanent mark on your shiny paintwork, so let’s find other ways to have a practical joke with our friends. 

2. Use a wax 
Wax not only makes the paintwork of your car glisten and shine but it also protects it from corrosive and harmful to paint materials such as bird droppings, tree sap, and tar which regularly find their way onto the paintwork. Waxes come in three forms, liquids, pastes and sprays and last between 3-6 weeks. Whichever type of wax you decide to use remember to only use it on the painted portions of your car and to keep it well away from the non-painted plastic or rubber components. 

3. Try a ceramic car coating
Ceramic car coating is relatively new to the market and because of it’s stronger bond to the paintwork the treatment can last 6 months or even more. Ceramic car coating not only gives a level of additional shine to the paintwork but also provides a hard and durable barrier to stop things sticking to it, making cleanups easier. Always have an experienced ceramic car coating installer apply the coating for best results and remember to have it topped up on time. 

4. Wash your car regularly 
Washing your car regularly helps to remove particles of dust and dirt that could end up scratching the paintwork and also washes away any corrosive substances such as acidic bird poo or tree sap. Remember to always use a detergent designed for cars as these are developed not to cause any damage to the paint and are made with specialist ingredients to give your car maximum shine. After washing your car carefully, paying attention not to rub the dirt into the paintwork, it’s then time to use a microfibre towel to dry and clean the rest of the body. Wash the wheels last and never use the same sponge on the wheels and the body as this can transfer abrasive dirt and dust. 

5. Try a car wrap
Wrapping involves covering your car in a vinyl film which enables you to not only transform its color or texture but also to protect the underlying paint job from sun damage and abrasions. Car wraps can even be printed with brand logos and personalized designs bringing the personality of your car to life whilst giving it a ‘fresh off the line’ without a new paint job. 


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