Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Why Dog Owners Are Happier People

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If you’ve never welcomed a little puppy into your home, you have no comprehension of the joy this little four legged creature can bring into someone’s life. Unlike a cat, a dog will cling to you like glue. They will imprint on every member of the family and become one of the pack. They adore being loved and showing love. Dog owners are happier than non-dog owners because they experience unconditional love from their pooch. But dogs give us so much more than just puppy mutt eyes and a cute little face. Dogs really are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend.
Read on to find out why.

Emotional Intelligence

Dogs have a tendency to read the emotions of their owners. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy the company of an intelligent breed like a border collie or one renowned for its lack of obedience like a beagle, the chances are your pooch will read you like a book. When you are feeling alert and happy, they’ll bring their favorite toy to you so that you can play. However, if you are a little under the weather or you are feeling a little low, you mutt will snuggle close to you, sit on your lap or curl up at your feet. They know when you need company, a little extra love, and support, and this is their way of providing it. It is this emotional intelligence that forms the great bond between dog and human.

They Want To Please

A dog loves nothing more than hearing the famous two words, ‘Good boy,’ or ‘Good girl.’ It is these two simple words of praise that your canine buddy lives for. They are eager to please us and know their place within the pack. They want to be obedient and are keen to show just how agile, playful and trainable they are. If you find yourself with a pocketful of chicken breast, your mutt will sit, play dead or give paw for the treats they can smell on you. Your pooch will be keen to behave around visitors and will be great company on road trips, outings and walks down to the park.

Walking your dog can provide you with ample opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and get out into the great outdoors and exercise. This can help lift your mood, boost your dopamine levels and leave you feeling less stressed and with lower blood pressure.

Dogs Become Family

While you might welcome a puppy into your life expecting them to be nothing more than a pet, you will be surprised at just how much of an integral part of your family they become. Before you know it, you’ll be commissioning some custom pet pop art to put on your family photo wall, you’ll be making bespoke Christmas cards with your mutt on the front, and you’ll be considering where to go on your vacation taking into account your dog’s wants and needs from a trip. Dogs become one of the family very quickly. Having a puppy really is like having a newborn baby. They need love, feeding and sometimes even rocking to sleep.

If you want to become happier, you can do worse than buying a dog!


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