Monday, August 5, 2019

Making It Through A Funeral With Care

Funerals, no matter how well organized, no matter how supported you are, are not events we hope to attend many of in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, they do happen, and when they happen, it’s important to care for them as carefully and respectfully as possible. This is why funeral directors up and down the country continually exercise the utmost professionalism, ensuring that they shepherd a family through this process as carefully as they can, avoiding added distress as much as possible.

Yet as someone organizing the funeral, or simply having to experience it, this period of time can be very difficult. No guide like this can help you erode that difficulty completely, unfortunately. It is why funerals can be hard to deal with. However, we can offer you some guiding advice to help this experience progress steadily, to help you feel the most supported throughout, and to pay respects to the departed as humbly and modestly as you can.

Let us consider how you can make it through a funeral with care, particularly in an organizing context:

Resolve Disagreements

Sometimes, it can be that disagreements occur. This can be normal in any organizational context, however it can sometimes feel extremely stressful when trying to plan a funeral to this extent. This means that mediation, speaking to people carefully due to the current high emotions being felt, and always listening to everyone’s point of view is important. Sticking to how the deceased might have wished for their procession to go can be a great idea, as well as listening to the closest members of their family. Don’t be afraid to be humbled or to change the plans according to the wishes of your family members who might know better but need help. When communication thrives, events like this can be planned with care.

Consider Cost

It can be very important for families to pitch into the overall cost of a funeral. Sometimes, services such as BSF can provide you with the funding you need to send off your relative in a timely and respectful manner. It can take a frank and honest discussion with your family members, or  those whom you are helping organize. Don’t sign onto anything unless you are certain that the money can be raised in the future. However, with this kind of effort, some breathing room can be established. On top of that, crowdfunding elements can help you set a goal and funnel the cash correctly should you wish for accountability.

Do Not Force It

A funeral is best when it is respectful and simple. It is not like a wedding, where extravagance and luxury can often be something aimed towards. Instead, simply giving a humble send off for your family member and letting your love be present is important. This can sometimes be why inviting those who had little contact with the departed can be unnecessary. This way, you will care for the best outcome.

We are sorry that you have to deal with this. But with these tips, planning a funeral with care will be a real possibility.


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