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How To Prepare for Car Accidents Before They Occur

Accidents can be part of life, and are often things that are considered inevitable. If you are someone that drives every day, then it doesn’t put you at risk. Plus, we will see and hear about car accidents on the news each day. You are no doubt aware of some of the risks that come from driving, but until one happens to you, then it is hard to really know the impact that it can have. So with all of that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can help to prepare for car accidents, all before they even happen. 

The things to do are things that are clear and pretty obvious, but they can tend to be something that we start to ignore when we have been driving for a long time. But if you aren’t paying close attention, then you might find yourself in need of a car accident attorney. So next time you get behind the wheel, make sure that these things come into your head, so that you can follow them and be the safest and most courteous driver that you can be. 

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Check your car before you drive

When you are learning to drive, then it can be one of the things that is going to be drilled into your head; check the car properly before you drive. But checking out the car first before you start to drive, is something that is really important. It might feel like you’re being super cautious, but your safety, and of those people around you, really is something to think about and consider. So make it a habit of checking for things like leaks, lights that are no longer working, and anything else that doesn’t look quite right. You should also check something like the rear view mirror to make sure that visibility is clear, as well as things like the wipers working well. 

Keep it slow

If you are someone who manages to make it to your final destination just in time, or even a little late. But that is only going to be a good thing if you have arrived there safely. It is so important to drive slowly, or basically just keeping to the speed limit, because after all, they are there for a reason. Of course, being someone who drives slowly doesn’t mean that you will be kept away from car accidents, but it will mean that you have plenty of time to react to different things, which could cause a potential accident. You are going to be much more in control of your car when your car is being driven slowly, rather than when you are storming through the roads. Plus, the severity of having an accident is going to be much less when there is a slow car, compared to a car going quickly. 

Keep both hands on the wheel

It is going to seem a little old-school, but having both of your hands on the wheel are going to help immensely when you are driving. Believe it or not, both hands are actually meant to be on the steering wheel. When you drive, the thing you should be focused on is the driving; there doesn’t need to be any other tasks that occupy you. Looking ‘cool’ with just one hand on the wheel isn’t something that should compromise your safety. It will give you much more control and help you to reduce the chance of being in an accident when you’re not in control of the wheel.

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No distractions

Driving is something that is enjoyable and fun. But there are some distractions that can really kill all of the fun. Things like calls and text messages can wait until you are at your destination. Updating your social media is not something that is needed when driving; a tweet can wait. If you need to make a call or get in contact with someone quite urgently, then it is a good idea to pull over, or just wait until later. People can always leave a voicemail if needed. 

It is important to remember that distractions can be outside the car too, not just things that are inside. There might be some things that catch your eye on the road, as well as things like the weather being a distraction. Putting sunglasses on when the weather is sunny, is naturally something that can be needed when the sun shines, but that can be a distraction as it can be hard to do one-handed when you’re driving. The focus when you are in the car should be on driving the car. Eating can be something that can be a distraction too; if you’ve ever opened a bag of chips when driving then you will know can be a dangerous distraction. 

Drinking and driving don’t go together

This could definitely be something that could have been classed as a distraction, but because of the impact it can have, it does need its own section. Drinking is a massive no if you are thinking of getting behind the wheel after. There are many accidents that are caused by drinking and driving, and the consequences can be pretty terrible. When you have been drinking you will lose control of your senses, especially with a large reduction in reaction time. So you really are putting yourself in danger, as well as the other people out on the road, so there really needs to be a blanket ban on it. Call a taxi if you end up drinking when you didn’t plan on it, and then you can collect your car the next day when you’re rested and it is all out of your system. Your life is so precious and losing it over driving after drinking would be something that would massively disrespect it.

One of the final things to do is to make sure that you have your phone charged, and have a list of numbers that you can call in case of an emergency (once you have been pulled over, of course). 


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