Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Simple Ways You Can Save Money At Home

Saving money is easier said than done. Although we all want to keep our bank accounts as flush as possible, every day expenses often mean that this isn’t likely. Here are some tips that will help you save money at home without having to decrease your quality of life...

Record Your Expenses

A great way to cut down on your spending is to figure out just how much you really are actually spending. Make sure that you note down all your purchases, from that Starbucks coffee to buying a pint of milk on your way home from work, and you may realise that actually you are spending more than you realised. It sometimes feels as though money vanishes without any warning, and you aren’t entirely sure where it vanished to - so making a record of your expenses and your purchases is the perfect way to figure it out. Check off the expenses that were actually necessary like bills and grocery shopping, and then you will see how much expendable income you really have.

Go For A Used Car

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, many people veer instantly towards the shiniest and newest cars at the fanciest showrooms. But if you take a moment to consider matters, you may decide that actually a used car is the smartest financial decision for your family. A car depreciates in value extremely quickly, which means that if you buy a car that’s just a couple of years old, you’re paying considerably less than you would have paid for it when it was brand new, but it definitely hasn’t lessened in quality that much. Finding used cars doesn’t have to be difficult - look for a local dealership that has good reviews online, and talk to the salespeople there about what exactly you require from your new vehicle. You may need to travel vast distances frequently, or you may only be going to and from work; they will be able to advise you on what exactly you need. You should make sure that you negotiate - check out other dealerships as well, and make sure that you have a certain amount in mind that you are willing to pay. Buying a used car can save you a lot of money in many ways - you may be able to pay cash instead of entering into a payment plan during which you will have to pay interest.

Learn To Meal Plan

Learning to meal plan is a great way to save money. It means that you can grocery shop at the start of the week with a specific list, so you won’t end up buying and wasting food items ‘just in case’ that you don’t actually end up using. Make your lunch every night - you could even use leftovers for part of it - so you don’t end up buying it at work, and take along a reusable water bottle and a flask of coffee so you can take your own beverages instead of buying them. Reusable cups and bottles are also great for the planet.

Go Eco-Friendly

A great way to save money is to be eco-friendly. Reducing your energy use is great for the planet and the environment and it is also, of course, great for your electricity bills. Turn off lights when you leave rooms, and make sure that you don’t leave appliances like your TV on standby - this uses up almost as much energy as it does when you’re actually watching it. Turn off your tablet and computer when you aren’t using them, and try to hang your wet laundry outside instead of throwing it all in the dryer. This will also keep your clothes in better condition for longer. When your light bulbs burn out, replace them with energy efficient bulbs. Not only will they last for longer but they will use significantly less energy. When it comes to travel, why not try to walk more often and to use public transport instead of using your car all the time? You could also consider buying a bike so that you can cycle to and from work or in your local vicinity. This is great for your health as well as your wallet.

Try Out The 30 Day Rule

If there’s something you want to buy but that you don’t entirely need, wait for thirty days. If you still want it then, splash out and buy it. A lot of the time, these items are just momentary impulses, so you need to conquer those impulses in order to save money. It’s better to splash out on experiences rather than items so that you can create memories instead of hanging onto objects. So next time you see a pair of shoes that you just desperately need, bookmark the web page or take a photo on your phone and come back to it in a month to see if that desperation is still there!

Figure Out Your Priorities

One of the most important aspects of saving money is figuring out what exactly you are saving money for. Some couples save for a house before a wedding, some families would rather save for vacations over expensive clothing, others may be setting up college funds for their kids, some might be setting themselves up for early retirement so that they can spend time travelling. You need to make sure that you talk to your spouse about saving money: why are you doing it and what are your long term aims? At some point, most families decide to save money for a certain amount of time, when they realise that their expenditures are going up and they would like a little more money in the bank for a rainy day. But talking to your spouse and children about what you want long term is crucial to your happiness, so that you all have the same ideas about the future. Remember that although saving money is great, you also need to spend it a little to enjoy your life - nobody knows how long they’re going to be here for, and it’s important to take advantage of every day!

Saving money is easier than you think - make sure that you plan and prioritise, and you’ll be all sorted.


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