Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Promoting Better Pond Health in Your Own Backyard

A garden pond can be an attractive addition to your property. Whether it is a formal reflecting pool, or a more natural free-form build, there are important steps you must take to ensure peak maintenance and health of your pond's ecosystem. 

Avoid Stagnant Water

Standing water can be the root of a host of issues. Algae blooms can erupt at an unwanted rate within your pond, affecting its overall appearance and health. Mosquitoes are also drawn to still water, as they use it for breeding purposes. To prevent such takeovers from happening, it is important to equip your pond with aeration systems, like fountains (also for decorative purposes), or a kit of pumps and diffusers.

Balance Fish and Vegetation

Fish can contribute to your garden pond's ecosystem by feeding off of insects, weeds, algae, and other plant debris. If mixing species, be mindful of each fish's natural instincts and tendencies, as well as their full-grown adult sizes to prevent overcrowding. For pond vegetation, allow for partial shading of the water; too much shading, and the water could suffer from oxygen deficiencies, impacting the overall health of your pond.

Mind the Clarity

Be sure to keep your water filter cleaned to maintain a clear, attractive water quality in your pond. If you have just recently dug and installed your pond, the murky water can be a direct result of unsettled soil and matter. If, however, the muddy water problem persists, you can reach out to a professional aquatic management service for treatments that can bind loose particles for removal, resulting in better, cleaner water.

With these points in mind, you can rest assured your pond will thrive in every season. You may find that it is easy to keep your pond visually pleasing when both the flora and fauna are happily coexisting.


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