Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Pimp Your Ride In 3 Easy Steps

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a boring old generic hatchback or a conservative SUV out the front on your driveway, the chances are you want a bit more va-va-voom for your motor. While the metallic paint isn’t looking too shabby and your set of wheels is highly economical on fuel, it might be a tad boring to look at. Cars nowadays tend to follow a strict formula when it comes to aesthetics. It is up to the car owner to add a bit more spice by customizing their vehicle. Take a look at these three simple ways that can see you pimping your ride.

Change The Color

Forget the jet black, gunmetal gray or bright red that your car came in direct from the factory, and instead opt for something a little more daring. Ever fancied lime green, shocking pink or canary yellow. If bright and bold is what you’re after then these colors will surely turn heads. Alternatively, it might be a finish that you’re looking for. The matt finishes to many customized cars look sleek and unique.

When painting your car, you are probably best taking it to a specialist who knows what they’re doing. You don’t want to make a costly mistake. However, if you are going to give it a go at home, make sure you use a primer first, you have done your research, and you have all of your kit. You might be tempted to go for graphics like racing stripes or flames. Just make sure this isn’t a fad, and that you consider how to future proof your car.

Upgrade The Fittings

Take a look at your car and decide how to upgrade the details that often get overlooked. You might want to get hold of a new BMW hood emblem for your sporty little number, or perhaps you want a set of customized alloys to set your wheel trims off a treat. Look at the interior and think about reupholstering your seats with some personalized fabric and think about swapping the steering wheel, upgrading the mats and altering the walnut trim on your dashboard. While the possibilities are endless, so is the amount of money that you could spend. Make sure that you budget wisely and don’t spend more than your car is worth.

Be Safe

While tinted windows are great, blacked out windows are illegal. Consider the safety of other road users, the law, and your own image when pimping your ride. You don’t want to end up driving one of those noisy exhaust modified cars, only for people to look at you when they hear you driving down the road with a negative perception of you in the head. Modify your car sensibly. Yes, you might want a better sound system, but a booming bass isn’t pleasant for your neighbors when you are arriving home late at night. Be considerate and pimp your ride in a sensible way.

Having the money to spend on your motor is a luxury, so don’t squander it. Make sure that you alter the appearance of your car without putting your safety and the integrity of the car at risk. Follow this guide and you will soon have the ultimate pimped up motor on your driveway.


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