Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5 Considerations For Future Pet Owners

Countless stories tell the tale of the happiness that a pet can bring into your life. For those who are struggling with anxiety, depression and loneliness, adopting a dog or a cat can be a life-changing experience. Many claim that they never rescued their pet from the shelter; it was always their furry friend who rescued them. Pets can bring a lot of love and fun to your home, regardless of your situation. 

But a pet is not a toy. Adopting a dog or a cat comes with heavy responsibilities. You are not only caring for a living creature, but you are also responsible for their behaviors, their actions, and the damage they cause. If you’re in a position where you want to adopt your first pet, you need to make sure that you understand your duties as a pet owner. 

Teach dogs not to chase big cars
#1. Your pet could cause injuries

If you’ve played with a kitten in the past, you probably know that these fierce little cuties have sharp claws and teeth. It’s impossible not to escape with a few scratches when you play with a young cat. But it’s part of the deal; kittens are ultimately babies that are not yet able to control their strength or enthusiasm. The same phenomenon happens with puppies. It’s something you need to be prepared for. However, as your pet grows older, you will soon notice improvements as they realize how strong they are and become more careful during playtime. Typically, it is the time where you can tackle abnormal signs of aggressiveness and help your pet to feel more confident. It is your responsibility not only to keep your dog or cat safe but also everybody else. Indeed, you don’t want a neighbor complaining about an unprovoked dog bite as it can be a painful experience. If the law finds that you didn’t keep your dog on a leash in a public place, or that you didn’t handle your animal’s aggressive behavior adequately, you might be asked to cover medical bills and other compensation for the victim. Additionally, authorities might rule to put your dog down. 

#2. Living next to a road is dangerous

Every pet lover wants a garden for their dog or cat to enjoy some fresh air. But, if you live next to a big road, you need to keep your garden secured so that your pet doesn’t escape. Indeed, even for careful drivers, it can be tricky to react appropriately when a dog suddenly barges onto the road. Defensive drivers are more likely to have life-saving reflexes if they have sufficient time to respond when they see your dog run into traffic. However, your pet may not be that lucky; it could be hit, it could even cause an accident. Make it your number one training lesson to teach your dog not to run after cars. 

Keep your pet on a leash
#3. They can break everything you love

Keeping your dog or cat at home all day while you’re at work can come at a high cost. Indeed, your pet needs entertainment. Left to their own devices, pets are likely to destroy your belongings. Chewing on a sofa or pushing things off the shelf; your beloved furry friend can cost you a lot of money. If you can’t find a local daycare company for your pet while you’re working, it’s a good idea to block access to some rooms during when you’re away and leave them with plenty of toys. 

#4. There’s the matter of the vet bills

Did you know that every year pet owners choose to abandon their animals rather than pay for veterinary bills? Vet care doesn’t come for free, and ultimately, it’s something you can manage with dedicated pet insurance cover. When you adopt a dog or a cat – or any other pet – you are responsible for their health. Vet facilities that offer extensive and emergency services, distinctive experience and high credentials are likely to increase the bill. But don’t you want the best to look after your pet?

#5. Training your pet is hard work

You can’t become a pet owner if you refuse to train your pet. Too many dog owners try to skip the training stage by interpreting their pet’s behaviors in human terms.In reality, humanizing your dog’s actions can cause errors of judgments and communication, which are likely to lead to unpleasant reactions. Training is hard work, but it is necessary if you want to build a safe relationship with your pet in your community. 

Adopting an animal is an exciting and emotional experience. But you can’t just welcome a pet to your family without considering your responsibilities. As a pet owner, you have a duty of care to your pet but also the public. Failure to keep them safe can cause you many troubles. 


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