Friday, June 14, 2019

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It is difficult to admit that you have a problem with anger. Many people don't recognize issues with their reactions and actions toward others, and even some of those that do, deny such a problem exists either out of shame or embarrassment. However, when these feelings escalate to the point of court appeals and mandates, then perhaps it is time to recollect and engage with the process that has led to such a result. Therefore, if ordered to seek counseling or anger management classes, seize it as an opportunity for self-renewal and reflection, and try to use the tools taught there to have greater control and improved relationships.

Mandatory Classes

While a judge will probably specify a certain number of hours for the court ordered anger management classes, know that you can continue going if the lessons are helping. Most classes are in person and require signatures from the instructors to prove your enrollment and participation. However, a judge or an order may allow for online courses in certain situations, which may ease some anxiety. The class type mandated typically depends on the severity of the accusation or assault. Anger that results in violence and injury usually requires a more intensive in-person program, whereas an emotional outburst that did not result in serious injury or harm may only require a certificate of completion from an online provider.  

Course Lessons

While the online and in-person courses vary in length and design, anger management classes teach a variation of the same topics: emotional and physical signs and triggers. Some emotional signs you are getting angry are feeling internal tension like you can't say what you want or that you want to yell. Physical symptoms of anger may appear through a clenched jaw, tightness in your back, poor sleep or a racing heartbeat. While courses spend some time exploring signs and symptoms of anger, they typically dive deeper into discovering your emotional stressors or triggers to help you combat them.

You may not want to take court-ordered classes. However, consider them an opportunity to heal. Find approved anger-management classes and start your recovery. 


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