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Top Considerations For Relocation Adventures!

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From time to time we all get itchy feet to make a move, and if you’re a renter, that’s the beauty of it! Whether you’re relocating for a new job, a spontaneous adventure overseas, or simply searching in your home town for a better deal each month, if you’re thinking of making a move you’ll want to consider a few things before you pack up and get gone.

The weather 

If you’re relocating close by, you shouldn't need to worry about this one! However, if you’re move is taking you to a place with a different climate, then you’ll want to prepare for this. Check out the weather by season and stock up on the kinds of clothes that you’re going to need to adjust to your new home. If you’re going somewhere hot, and you’re not used to this, remember to stay safe in the sun. Sometimes, adjusting to a new climate can make us more susceptible to getting sick, so be mindful of this and keep your immune system high with lots of healthy food, drinks, and enough exercise.  

Living Costs 

Moving to a new place can see your normal living costs change pretty quickly (for better or worse)! If you’re taking a new job, you might have seen a nice pay increase, but you’ll want to factor in the possibility of your expenses increasing too. Make sure you do a good amount of research beforehand to find out about food, transport and rent prices, so there are no surprises that you haven’t budgeted for. Of course, rent usually takes up the bulk of your expenses so it’s worth having a look at data like this and other reports for your city to help you better understand what you can afford. If you make a budget beforehand, it will be easier to prepare yourself for every aspect of the move.

Take a trip first 

If you’re relocating to a far away destination, this one might prove a little trickier. But generally speaking, it’s best to take a trip to your new town or city first so that you can ensure that you are making the right decision. Perhaps it’s just a case of the same city but a new neighbourhood? In this case, spend time there to really get a feel for the place and see if it suits you. Take a walk around, drink in the coffee shops, eat at the restaurants, and talk to the locals. If you make a list of must-haves before renting in a new neighbourhood, it will be easier to make the important decisions. 

Remember to check for available storage units during the trip, especially if you need a temporary solution for your belongings before moving. This way, you can declutter and separate the items you need daily. If you are downsizing, you may carry everything with you, and perhaps you don’t want to get rid of them too. Therefore, choosing the right storage size is essential. So, how big is a 10x10 storage unit? Would it be enough to store items from your one or two-bedroom apartment? Explore to learn more about storage units to make the best choice.

Ask yourself questions to help yourself in your relocation journey; these questions will depend on what’s relevant to you and your current situation. They could be things like; is this property close enough to my work? Or, will my friends and family easily be able to visit this location? Perhaps-  how long will I be staying here? Regardless of what’s important to you, with a little forward planning, you’ll be sure to have a blast on your relocation adventure. 


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