Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tips for Planning a College Spring Festival

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Although college is a learning environment, it is also a place of community. With that, comes a need for socialization. Why not celebrate springtime? The sun is finally shining, providing some much-desired vitamin D. Kick off the season with a good old-fashioned festival. Young adults, after all, need enjoyment just like little kids, and (let's face it) college is not just about academics. It's also about having fun. Here are a few tips to make the most of the event.

Get Help

Planning a large scale event takes time and coordination. Consider hiring a college event planner. This could relieve some of the pressure, and it might offer some discounts from vendors. This person brings experience to the table that might present some new ideas and exciting concepts. Also, don't take it all on yourself. Ask campus organizations to sign up and work on a committee or sponsor booths. Let them get creative with activities appropriate for the campus and student body. Getting others involved provides a personal investment and pride. It might also make your job a little bit easier.

Think Variety

Remember that people have different interests so you'll want to provide options. For example, festivals usually include silly booths and inflatables. Select a range of activities. Some a little tame, and some more adventurous. Music keeps events lively, so consider a DJ or a band. Don't worry so much about genre. Just ensure it's upbeat. Lastly, don't forget the food. Festivals have your traditional fare: cotton candy and popcorn. Rent some machines to have large quantities. Think of offering those for free as a perk to those who attend. With food trucks readily available, arrange for some to provide additional choices. You'll save set up and time by using their menu and supplies.

Enjoy the day. Many people want to return to those carefree childhood days. A spring festival offers a chance to relive the fun and memories.


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