Saturday, May 25, 2019

Four Tricks For A Luxury Kitchen Redesign

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The kitchen truly is the hub of the house - it's where people tend to congregate and socialise, where we entertain our friends, visit with our family and talk to our children. So it's little wonder that making an investment into this room can enhance your life and make your property much more saleable. If you're looking to achieve an elegant redesign that look luxurious, the trick is to combine practical innovations with beautiful finishes to get that high-end appearance. These tips will show you some of the best ways to get the look… 

Let There Be Light

Immaculate lighting design for your kitchen is something that often gets overlooked, or only addressed as an afterthought, when it's actually quite fundamental. A kitchen is a unique space because it demands a mix of functional, task lighting and more relaxed mood enhancing lights for dining and entertaining. Your lighting scheme could include a mix of LED spotlights in the main body of the kitchen, a hanging pendant light over an island unit or peninsula, and then downlighters or a dramatic cluster light over the dining area - you could even add a dimmer switch for ultimate mood lighting control. 

Get Classy With Countertops

If your mission is to give your kitchen that high end look, then one area where you don't want to cut corners is on beautiful quality countertops and splashbacks. Installing something like Quartz Countertops gives a sleek and durable finish that instantly makes your kitchen look upscale. If you're trying to make the case for a luxury look on a budget, then it's better to spend more on the countertops and try to make savings on the units of the kitchen and the appliances by sourcing them separately online rather than purchasing at inflated kitchen showroom prices. 

Luxe Up The Details

Steering away from basic handles in favour of something more unique and luxurious can really make your kitchen standout. Unusual finishes such as brass, copper or leather can totally elevate a more basic design and make it look expensive. You can also add to the look by choosing sockets, switches and taps in more stand-out materials - this can add a lot of sophistication to the look of the room in a subtle way. Don't discount the impact a beautiful extractor hood can have as well - they are highly functional items but they can also be very decorative and add to the overall look in their way. 

Create A Standout Feature 

Every elevated design features a talking point which makes a lasting impact, so think about what would make sense for your home. If you're a wine lover, a beautiful alcove filled with honeycomb wine holders can make an arresting sight. If you have small kids, painting a wall with chalkboard paint and allowing them to make colourful scribbles - or noting down quotes that make you smile or even your shopping list - injects a little personality into proceedings. For others it could be beautifully designed furniture or a standout piece of art. Just make sure there is one element that draws focus in the mix. 


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