Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Placebo Effect and Healing Crystal Stones

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The placebo effect is a phenomenon in which scientist have been unable to describe completely. Double-blind studies usually occur before new medicines hit the marketplace. These studies involve using two control groups who are not aware of the members of each group. One group receives the actual drug, and another generally takes sugar pills. Scientists want to make sure the group administered sugar pills do not mistakenly induce the thought of being healed by a false drug. This type of thought process becomes even more interesting when thinking about healing crystal stones.

Analyzing the Placebo Effect

Each crystal found in nature received particular healing properties for those who encounter them. There are no reports scientifically proving these effects, but many crystal users can experience altering states of consciousness when next to them. So, if there is one party claiming crystals are pseudoscience and another party that claims they possess healing elements, who do you believe? Well, this is where the placebo effect comes into play. If you can experience positive results from crystals because you think they help, there is no reason not to use them. However, it is best to use your best judgment when dealing with topics about health and wellness.

Determining the Usefulness of Crystals

With the thoughts above in mind, crystals may be of use for those with open minds. Many crystals provide a wide array of perceived benefits and researching crystals can be a worthwhile endeavor. Many areas of interest do not follow the mainstream consensus that possesses the ability to change your perceptions. Ancient civilizations have and continue to use crystals for ceremonies and daily energy cleansing. Since these are not common phrases, some dismiss them without a second thought. If you are curious about the healing properties of crystals, follow your intuition and see for yourself.


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