Friday, April 19, 2019

How Do You Cope With A Roadside Breakdown?

You’re driving down the road on your latest vacation, or you’re just heading home from work, when suddenly a tyre bursts on you, or your fuel gauge starts lighting up, or there’s some weirdly colored smoke coming out of the hood of your vehicle… No matter what warning sign your car is producing, you’re going to have to pull over and take a look. 

So, you might be able to fix the issue then and there, say change a tyre or get another car to help out with the jump leads. But sometimes, you’re going to have to deal with a roadside breakdown, and who knows how well that’s going to go?! 

But it doesn't have to be a disaster - here’s just a couple of things you can do to make sure that the next time you have to pull over for vehicle maintenance, you won’t be stranded and panicking. 

Pack an Emergency Kit First

Whenever you’re getting into the car, you’re playing a game of chance: is today the day you’re finally going to have a breakdown? After all, it can happen at any time, even when you’ve recently had a service and thought you were completely fine! 

Technology has a habit of suddenly going kaput on us, and you should always have this thought in mind. Because if you don’t, you won’t have an emergency kit in your car for when the worst does occur and you have to pull over in the middle of nowhere. 
So whilst you might have a bit of spare oil in the back, and be sure to grab some from if you don’t, you’re going to need some specialist items as well. 

You’re going to need a flashlight at the very least, just in case it’s dark, or you can’t see properly when you pop the hood. You’re also going to need some water back there, in case it’s hot out, or some gloves and scarf, for when you have to wait on the side of the road in the freezing cold. And make sure you’ve got your breakdown assistance company’s number written on a bit of paper back there as well.  

Stop Ahead of Time

If you ever suspect a problem with your car, be sure to pull over as soon as possible, or as soon as it’s safe for you to do so. Hopefully somewhere where there’s phone signal, or near an SOS box whilst you’re on the highway. Don’t let the steam from the engine start billowing out before you make the decision to stop. 

Stay Out of the Car

And once you have pulled over, make sure you stay out of the car, and wait on the roadside where you’re both safer and a lot more visible. You can wave down help from here, and you won’t suffer from smoke inhalation, or any overheating either. 

Coping with a roadside breakdown doesn’t have to be a disaster; simply know what you’re doing. 


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