Tuesday, April 30, 2019

5 Amazing Spring Cleaning Tips For A Happy Home

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Declutter and Clean 

A house full of stuff you don't really need is easy to accumulate in a busy household. A simple rule of thumb; if you haven't used something in the last six months- throw it away.  Of course with the exception of essential goods, weather-related clothing and seasonal items like holiday decorations. Separate out your items and be strict about it. Consider donating items that you no longer need instead of throwing them away and throw away anything that is broken or un-fixable. By taking this ruthless stance, you'll soon find out just how many unnecessary and redundant items you are hoarding around your home. Once you get rid of all these things your room is guaranteed to feel fresh and have a whole new lease of life. 

Clean Your Outdoor Spaces 

Cold weather can lead to many of our outdoor spaces around the home neglected. Now that Spring is here, take some time to give some of the most important structural parts of your homes the once over. Small things like gutter cleaning, outside window wiping and leaf sweeping are simple yet effective ways for you to make sure that the outside of your home looks just as good as the inside. 

Give Your Carpets a Deep Clean 

Carpets in your home are notorious for attracting dust, dirt and hair no matter how often you hoover. This build-up can be especially bad in areas of your home with high traffic such as bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms. 
A deep and thorough clean will help bring back your carpets colour and revive its texture. Consider using a heavy-duty, high-performance vacuum cleaner or hiring a professional cleaner every few months will allow you to make your carpets look almost as good as the day they were laid.

Clean your Oven 

Bicarbonate of Soda is the cleaning saviour of many homes. Multi-functional, eco-friendly and non-toxic, it’s a great way to clean all around your home without the guilt. In particular, oven cleaning can be a difficult, tiring and time-consuming task but bicarb is great for cutting cleaning time in half Add a few teaspoons of the powder to a spray bottle of distilled water for a super powerful oven cleaning solution. The bubbling and fizzing actively eats away at any grease and grime to leave you with squeaky clean and gleaming surfaces.

Get Your Fridge Sparkling 

Just like oven cleaning, none of us cleans our fridges as much as we should. However, opening your appliance to find it smells less than pleasant is not ideal. Food, spills and water can often build up and can be difficult to tackle when left for too long. Remove stains easily with a hard bristle toothbrush and an iron scouring pad. The toothbrush bristles are fine enough to really get into those hard to reach nooks and crannies and a scouring brush is perfect for blasting away tough patches. Keep any residual smells from returning with a natural remedy. Place two cut halves inside of your refrigerator door to keep it smelling great for quite some time. 


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