Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Older homes have a certain amount of charm and character that new ones simply don’t have, so it’s definitely easy to see why they’re such a popular choice for people who are looking for a new home, and even why a lot of newer homes are built using the style of older homes as their inspiration.

However, as beautiful and full of character as they may be, they also come with their own challenges just like a newer house does, so it’s really important that you take the time to understand what exactly you’re getting into when you buy an older house and if you’re ready and willing to make the time and energy commitment to it.

So, in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the things to consider when buying an older home.

Safety checks:

Unlike newer homes that have to be built with the latest health and safety standards in mind before anyone can even buy them, older houses may not benefit from those standards unless they were completely renovated and checked over within the last 10-20 years and upgraded, so you’ll need to make sure that your home is free from things like asbestos, doesn’t have any lead paint or other toxic substances, and it will also need to have things like the plumbing, pipework, and electric systems checked over to make sure they’re safe for living. 

Insurance costs:

Insurance is something that every home owner should have, and although the cost of it will vary and depend on different factors, the monthly premium you pay is definitely going to be worth it if you ever need to use that insurance since the cost of repairs or replacing things will be a lot higher. 

However, one of the factors that will determine how much you pay for insurance is going to be the age and condition of the house when you buy it, so since the chance of an older house needing more work doing to it is going to be a good bit higher, then the insurance premiums will be reflected in this.

Energy efficiency:

Nowadays homes are built with the latest energy-efficient standards in mind, however, many older homes won’t have been built that way or won’t have been updated to reflect them, so it’s really important that you consider this and then look at your options for bringing your home up to the latest standards of energy efficiency. Not only will it help keep your monthly bills lower, but will be better for the environment and also make your home more comfortable. You should also look at things like how well insulated your house is so that you can take the measures to update this and ensure you’re actually keeping heat in during the winter. 

Being energy efficient certainly doesn’t mean that you need to give up the original features of your house such as hardwood floors, bay windows, and even a chimney if you’re lucky enough to have one - you can still keep these original features, but just make sure they’re in line with modern standards when it comes to health and safety and energy efficiency. The best way to get advice on how to do this is to speak with professionals in each of these areas, such as a company like Capitol Chimney Sweeping Services, as well as a glazier who can come in and give you tips about the best ways to care for your windows and keep them well insulated.

Renovation costs:

One of the best things about older homes aside from them having lots of original features is that they’re generally going to be a good bit cheaper to buy than a newer one would be, but the downside to that is that the costs and need for renovations is going to be a bit higher. However, if you’re okay with this and are prepared to put in the work, then the upside is that you’re really going to be able to make the house exactly the way you want it and it can be far more rewarding than going in to something that’s been done by someone else.

When it comes to buying an older house, you should always consider this as part of it and make sure you factor the additional renovation costs into your budget when deciding how much you’re able and willing to spend on the place you want to buy so that you’re not going to be stuck with unexpected costs.


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