Thursday, November 15, 2018

Three Tips to Prepping Your Car Before a Road Trip with Your Besties

It’s the ultimate daydream—a long road trip to somewhere awesome with your best friends. Can you imagine the music, the thrills, the conversations? Exciting doesn’t quite cover it. However, in the midst of that excitement, don’t forget to prep your car, and your pals, for the sometimes-tiring trip ahead. 

Want to be as safe as can be on your road trip with your besties? Take this article’s trip-prep to heart. 

Check the Fluids, Air Pressure, Filters, and Tires 

Checking the fluids, air pressure, filters, and tires are natural go-to musts for overall healthy car maintenance, so these things should be done anyways. However, they become more important when you are headed on a road trip, where it would suck to get stranded on the side of the highway because you neglected to have your oil replenished. 

Tip: Hire a professional mechanic to do a full work-up on your car before you leave for a road trip. They can fix the things that need to be fixed now, then give you a list and amounts of things that can be remedied later. 

Side note: Some people are worried over car aesthetics before a trip. You could likely find a mechanic to laser, like a fine-point bph laser but not medically, or buffer off imperfections, bettering your car’s aesthetics for your travels. 

Stow Away Two Different Emergency Kits: One in the Backseat, One in the Trunk 

Emergency kits include first-aid kits, like bandages and ointments, but they include more for road trips. For instance, if something were to ever happen, such as an accident due to severe inclement weather, you need to know that you and your friends are safe, warm, and well-fed until someone arrives to help. 

An example of road trip kits for emergencies would be non-perishable foods, such as jerky and nuts, several bottles (or even a couple of jugs) of water, and thermal blankets. You should also bring along flares, small road cones, 2 prepaid backup cellphones, and flashlights. 

Brush Up on Your Driving Skills, Discuss Driving Shifts, and Make a Pact to Be Safe and Responsible 

The first few hours of a road trip can be super-fun with playlists and conversations—but eventually, everyone is going to get tired and want out of that car long before you reach your destinations. 

Be smart and brush up on your driving skills with a re-read of a driving manual. Keep you and your friends safe with shifts when someone gets tired. Do things, like always buckle up, to ensure the road trip is a safe, responsible one.


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