Thursday, November 29, 2018

How You Can Raise Extra Cash In One Month

Ah, money. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t have a complicated relationship with it? It seems like we never have enough, or we do but then get hit by a surprise bill, and whoosh, it’s gone. While keeping money might seem like trying to keep water from slipping through your fingers, it’s actually more possible than people realize. Within one month, you can see an increase in the amount of cash that you have! We take a look at several ways that you can do this below.

Say No

You’ve got an income. Getting money into your bank account isn’t the problem; it’s just what it seems to leave just as quickly. But why is this? While you’ll have essentials that you need to pay for, is it also possible that you’re not quite as disciplined as you should be? Because we’re spending the bulk of our time working, it doesn’t take much to make us believe that we’ve earned a treat of some kind. And our friends are always willing to offer us one! They’ll invite us out to dinner, for drinks, to the cinema, anything that costs money, basically. For the next month, say no to invitations, unless it’s not going to cost you a penny.

Sell Old Goods

We’re a society of hoarders. We accumulate more and more, and rarely have a clear out. If this sounds familiar, then good news! You likely have a lot of cash sitting in your home. Take a look at through your cupboards and drawers, and see if you’ve got anything valuable that you could sell. Of course, the pricier the item was to begin with, the more cash you’ll get for it. If you’ve got an old smartphone and are wondering “can I sell my phone?” the answer is yes, you can. You’re not using the items anyway, so you may as well get some money for them.

Spartan Living

There are some things that you need to pay money for, such as your rent, food, and drinks. You can’t do much about the cost of your rent, but food and drinks? That’s all within your control. For the next month, look at only eating those bargain (but nutritious) meals. Ditch the expensive daily coffees, too. People spend much more money on eating and drinking than they think they do, and much more than they need to!

Reducing Essential Costs

Some costs, such as getting to and from work, can seem pretty rigid, but they’re not. If you’re driving, you can take public transport. If the train is too expensive, take the bus. While you’re at work, you should be eating your homemade lunches, not buying it every day! Track every penny, and make any cuts, where possible, which don’t impact your quality of life. If you put all the money you would have spent on these things into a savings account, and take a look at how much you’ve saved in a month; you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 


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